There is a discussion going on at the Netscape Blog about the Pope’s comments on science and technology. The Pope said worship God not technology.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — Pope Benedict said in his Christmas message on Monday that mankind, which has reached other planets and worships technology, cannot live without God or turn its back on the hungry.

Technology and science have helped us live longer, eat better, housed, clothed, and entertained us as well.
What has the Maker done for us lately? Well, given us the brains and culture to make all the technology stuff happen.
There is a very important place for the spiritual (the practice of science and especially technology is very spiritual – honesty and truth are required every step of the way – you can’t lie to Mother Nature). However, the Pope ought to embrace (co-opt) science and technology. His fight against it is not only in vain. It is stupid.
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