Commenter passerby took exception to some of the things I said in The Origins Of Islamic Rage. Here is my reply to his question about the rise of tribalism in the west. I don’t actually answer his question (directly), but I do look at what I consider a subset of sociobiology – politicobiology.
As long as we are human we will have the alpha male problem.
If you look at human history – freedom is not much in evidence. No matter how desireable for the individual it is unusual. It takes effort.
Tribalism is the natural state of humankind. It is what you would expect from genetics. The closer the genetic connection, the more trust given to the individual.
A place or a world where Jewish/Christian values predominate is a better world in my opinion. “All men are created equal” is an anti-tribalist statement. However, it is not natural. The Islamics are correct. Their system is more in accord with humans as they exist in a state of nature.
As to the sexual theories etc. You need to look into my work on PTSD. Start with:
PTSD and the Endocannabinoid System
Men with PTSD are more prone to violence than men without. Sexual assault on children is a good way of creating a person with long term PTSD problems (providing the genetics are correct).
If violence against children is endemic, you then have a resevoir of angry males for jihad. i.e. some one has to pay for the torment of the individual. Since we are genetically biased against looking at the evil of our parents it then must be ascribed to some outside source.
When we start getting the connection between biology and politics (monkey politics) we will get better political systems.
When Kissenger said “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac” he wasn’t kidding. That is only one example of the relation between biology and politics.
Sociobiology is more or less accepted. What I am looking at is a subset of that. Politicobiology. Thus, power and control.
My recent piece on drug prohibition It Was Never About The Drugs is another example of NORMAL human behavior. Dividing the ins from the outs.
Or try How To Put An End To Drug Users. Which discusses (in a round about way) how the impulse for genocide is wired into the human system. It discusses how that wiring is activated.
So near to the gods. So close to the devils. Between heaven and hell.
Why? Because, Power and Control gives a reproductive advantage.
Politicobiology explains why there will always be an opposition party. It is the way we are wired.
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