Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more depressing, it began to dawn on me that we may be entering a new era of humor in American politics.
Republicans and war supporters were so caught up with Murtha’s demands for troop withdrawals in Iraq that they may have missed out on the fact that he’s actually a very funny man.
I had a little fun with him last night, and now this morning I see Glenn Reynolds links Jules Crittenden, who notes the comical nature of the culture of corruption:

Given Murtha’s fondness for pork and his photo-finish win over ABSCAM investigators, Pelosi’s leadership choice is already an entertaining repudiation of the repudiation of the “culture of corruption” she cited in her endorsement. Then, there’s Alcee Hastings…

And Tom Maguire quotes Murtha on ethical reforms being “total crap” (even though he’ll go along with it for love of Nancy).
Funny as this is, and much as I’d like to think the Republicans offer a genuine alternative to “total crap” Murtha (hey, if the shoe fits…), I had only to look at my coffee cup this morning.


I guess Lott’s supposed to be the moral equivalent of Murtha or something. Yeah, I’d probably vote — barely — for the former over the latter. The totality of the pork beats the totality of the crap-plus-pork or something.
I have to say, though, I’m with Jeff Soyer:

….if we could only get a rational, small “L” libertarian party going.

The biggest objection has traditionally been the old line that “you’re wasting your vote” if you vote for a third party.
Might it be time to discard that meme?
I mean, how wasted can your vote get?
UPDATE: Murtha, it seems, will not be allowed to be Pelosi’s number two man.
Did I just say “number two man”? That sounds almost dirty, and I have been trying like hell heck to keep this blog clean.
Too many things sound like too many things. For some reason, lately I’ve even been remembering an unforgettable organization called the Girth and Mirth Club.
Surely, there must be someone I can blame for my sick imagination.