Forest fires can help to reduce global warming, despite generating tonnes of carbon dioxide, a study has found.
Scientists looking at the effect of fires in boreal forests found that in the long term the loss of trees means that more sunlight is reflected away from the Earth. This is because more snow, which is highly reflective, is able to cover the ground.
There is a similar effect when new trees start growing their light green leaves, which reflect better than dark foliage…
Boreal forests, which account for 14.5 per cent of land surface, are thought to contain 30 per cent of all the CO2 held by plants and soils. It had been feared that dryness caused by global warming would increase the frequency of fires.
The findings, the researchers say, mean that plans to cut CO2 emissions by planting trees and preventing fires need to be reassessed.

Now they tell us? You can’t win for losing, can you? However, there’s a wonderful mental defense mechanism available, should you decide to accept it. Simply assume that the researchers are in the pay of Big Oil. All the popular kids are doing it.