I don’t know how many people there are who play Tetris, but I have the classic version of it on my cell phone, and as most people who play it know, it’s a game in which there really is no such thing as “winning,” because if you play, eventually you will lose. Skill at Tetris relates to the ability to postpone losing by destroying as many rows as possible until at last the ever-increasing speed of the falling objects makes it impossible to move them fast enough. No matter how fast one’s hand-eye coordination, all players are doomed to lose.
While it’s nice to break your own record (right now my cell phone record is 46,900), there’s something that happens much less frequently, and which has only happened to me four times. That is when all shapes disappear completely, leaving a black screen.
It happened yesterday!
Here’s what it looked like just after I flipped the “L” upside down — and just before I dropped it into its waiting niche (had to pause and restart to get the camera, of course):
And, just for that most-savored moment after the drop, the screen was blank, and black.
In Tetris, that’s the closest I can get to victory.
(In real life, you’d need heroin. And no, that’s not a moral equivalency argument!)