Walking around the neighborhood earlier, Coco and I were both startled to see that an older Volvo had apparently accomplished a mythological task, as you can see in the bumper sticker:


Alas! No Mt Icculus for us! We returned home and were forced to content ourselves with a more mundane activity:

I was experimenting with my camera’s “scene assist” sports lens setting when I took the above. Coco runs extremely fast, and with the camera’s “automatic” setting there’d just be a blur.
I love the camera (a Nikon Coolpix 7900), but I don’t think it’s versatile enough to photograph Mt Icculus.
(Not that I wouldn’t enjoy a mythological setting….)
UPDATE: Readers interested in reading more about my Nikon Coolpix might enjoy my submission to last year’s Digital Camera Carnival, in which I discussed the macro feature, which I absolutely love.
To illustrate what it can do with a tiny, tiny bug, here’s a recent macro shot of a red velvet mite:

And, much as I’d like to write a glowing “review” about my old Toshiba PDR-M700 (still a great camera, and I still post pictures from it regularly), Glenn has covered that camera in detail, and it’s no longer for sale. (Conventional “reviews” are supposed to feature available technology, I think… Although maybe someone will eventually have an Antique Digital Camera Carnival.)
UPDATE: Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds, not only for including this post in the Carnival, but for the very kind words. (“Stylish yet competent” certainly describe the camera, and Coco. But I’m blushing.)