Anyone seen the clever little stickers like these that activists place on stop signs?


True confession: I’m feeling too lazy to run down to a nearby corner, so I borrowed the sign and photoshopped it to suit the needs of this blog post. No, I didn’t add the “EATING ANIMALS” sticker. What the sign actually looked like was this:

A little busy, no?
Regular readers know how I feel about animal rights, but I’m not sure that a stop sign is the right place to be debating that issue one way or the other. A stop sign is not a public debating forum at all, but a safety measure. When people start putting political messages on them, they’re distracting drivers from the signs’ primary purpose — which is to make sure drivers stop so that people don’t get killed in the intersection.
The problem is, there are too many of these annoying messages, and they invite more “contra” messages. (Which I admit, are a lot more entertaining, and more artsy.)
Like these:

* Collaborate And Listen
* Defacing Stop Signs
* Drop And Roll
* Hammer Time!
* Is The New Go
* It
* Me If You’ve Heard This Before
* Stickers
* Walking
* With All The Patchouli

If I were in the business of selling “counter” stickers, I’d probably add a few more:

* Leftist Drivel
* Socialism
* Nanny Statism
* Animal Rights
* Hillary Clinton
* Intestinal blockage

I’m sure you get the idea. But again, is a stop sign really where we want favorite causes debated?
If you feel so strongly about eating animals, you why not just buy one of the “EATING ANIMALS” stickers and put it where it belongs — on your car bumper!
Hmmmm…. Maybe that’s not a bad idea. You could buy them by the gross and hand them out at beef industry conventions.
I realize that complaining about the stickers does not solve the problem, but I think there is a simple (and probably quite legal) solution. Just take a razor blade and remove the defacing sticker from the stop sign. If you get stopped, tell them that the sticker is not only defacing taxpayers’ property, but as an unwanted and inflammatory message, it constitutes a dangerous distraction, and a public hazard, and that you were just doing your part to clean up your community.
I don’t think anyone would be arrested for that.
UPDATE: My thanks to M. Simon for linking this post, and for his insightful comments:

Some need heroin, some don’t.

And some need blogging instead. Should we imprison bloggers for their “addiction”?