Telephone spamocrats move on US?

According to a number of angry people who’ve posted complaints here, an organization called the Share Group is completely ignoring the Do Not Call registry. Says one irate commenter: These criminals use several similar numbers (877-499-2758, 2753, 2759) to illegally harrass people on the no-call list. I’m on the no-call list, but that apparently means […]

A horse is a rat is a dog is a pumpkin!

And slippery slopes slide both ways…. (And that is not a pun, but a political observation.) Bill Quick was gracious enough to leave a comment to my defensive post in which I probably misunderinterpreted a mutual misinterpretation or something, and in his comment he raised another topic which seems to be making a few waves […]

Insides out

The concert I attended over the weekend is covered in much greater detail by Inquirer music critic David Patrick Stearns — who noticed a somewhat disturbing political perspective: …the sort of special attention the [Curtis Symphony] orchestra brings to whatever it plays allowed it to deliver Benjamin Britten’s Violin Concerto from semi-obscurity Sunday at the […]

Bigots deserve same sex marriage!

The above statement does not mean that all people who oppose same sex marriage are bigots. (It’s just my way of opining that anti-gay bigots deserve same sex marriage in pretty much the same way that the Republican Party deserves to lose the election.) Daily Pundit’s Bill Quick (a longtime favorite of mine) disagrees with […]

The art of recovery

The weekend was a very busy one, and not only didn’t I have much time for blogging, but being busy with non-blog-related activities has a rebound effect (for me, at least) of making blogging more difficult. Crazy as it may sound, when I get away from blogging for a day or so it gets much, […]

The best defense against bad faith

Writing about the incredible determination and fiercely polemical nature of Glenn Greenwald’s political diatribes, Lance at A Second Hand Conjecture makes a very important point: People confuse stridency and heated rhetoric with conviction. They certainly do. This is a major reason why activists win. Ordinary people don’t lie down with signs in front of oncoming […]

Mountain of brokeback identities

I think Iowahawk was really onto something with his open letter from Howard Dean, as the “outing” of gay Republicans is clearly a condescending attempt to confuse and aggravate religious conservatives — especially those living in rural areas and in the South. While he wasn’t writing satire like Iowahawk, a commenter to my earlier post […]

Some things are worse than being gay!

While it’s hardly on the same level as Democratic activists outing gay Republicans, I’m wondering exactly what might have set in motion the series of events which resulted in the self “outing” of an actor who plays a popular television doctor: NEW YORK – “Grey’s Anatomy” star T.R. Knight says he’s gay, but hopes people […]

Time to cool off on ozone?

Reading about the suddenly “record-setting” size of the ozone hole, I was puzzled by something: The size and thickness of the ozone hole varies from year to year, becoming larger when temperatures are lower. If that’s true, and if (as we are told) temperatures have been higher, then why would the ozone hole be growing […]

Misteaks explaned hear!

I may suffer from a hypersensitive imagination, but when I see a headline like this the first thing in the morning, I don’t know whether to question my sanity, or question authority: I knew that North Korea held an underground test, and I know they have planes, but I didn’t that the word “planing” could […]

Global insanity hurts local children!

“Be careful! There are a lot of crazy people out there!” Earlier this morning, a helpful checker said this to the woman just in front of me at the supermarket. As the customer left, I recalled a driver on the road in front of me who was doing 50 on a 30 MPH residential, two-lane […]

Which party persecutes more homosexuals?

Let’s see if I can get this right. Back in the 1950s Red Scare era, homosexuals working in government or in visible positions in public life were persecuted if found out, and exposed to extreme humiliation and ridicule. There was such a thing as sexual McCarthyism then. But times changed, right? And while it seemed […]

The root cause of bigoted Cultural Tribalism

Earlier (via a link I was surprised Glenn Reynolds would dare provide) I read about an amazing claim that I initially hoped was a form of comedy: Glenn Greenwald is now claiming Glenn Reynolds is anti-gay! As it turns out, it was deadly serious. Glenn Greenwald in fact claims that Glenn Reynolds is anti-gay, in […]

No child gets ahead!

At the time it was pushed through Congress and signed into law, “No Child Left Behind” sounded like a noble, bipartisan idea. The mess that resulted is being called “Whole-group instruction“: In whole-group instruction, all children are taught the same lesson at the same time, without regard to their ability or mastery of the subject. […]

Pre-election power luncheon

In what seems to be a sort of annual tradition (except for the absence of Sean Kinsell), this afternoon I joined Tom Brennan for lunch at an Indian Restaurant. This time the hush-hush affair was held at West Philadelphia’s wonderful New Delhi Indian Restaurant. We had the all-you-can-eat buffet, and both of us went back […]

disinformation and unfair stereotyping

Just as most people who know how to drive know the difference between an automatic and a stick shift, most gun owners know the difference between an automatic weapon and a semiautomatic weapon. A fully automatic weapon is commonly called a “machine gun,” while a semiautomatic weapon requires one pull of the trigger for each […]

May the punishment fit the crime

Speaking of RINOs, do not miss this week’s RINO Sightings Carnival, held at Politechnical Institute. The theme is Crime and Punishment, and an election question: there is a lot of crime about, and will we see justice done now, or on November 7th? When a question like that is asked by a RINO, it’s usually […]

hits and pieces

Anyone recall the New York Times’ hit piece against Howard Dean’s wife? Contrast that with yesterday’s puff piece about Ned Lamont’s wife. She’s modest, petite, and just wants to help: Ms. Lamont, one of the most successful women ever in the lofty realm of venture capital, is the not-so-hidden hand behind her husband, Ned, the […]

Distinctions with differences

Glenn Reynolds a RINO? I can understand the natural urge of Limbaugh and Company to call him that, but I have to speak up, for if there’s one thing I hate more than an inaccurate term, it’s seeing an inaccurate term being used inaccurately. Glenn Reynolds is not a RINO. There’s only one way for […]

Lost presumption

Another Republican congressional scandal — this one involving Curt Weldon (a local congressman in the next district to mine). Regardless of any legal presumption of innocence, the reality is that he’s presumed about as innocent as a Duke La Crosse player. Considering today’s huge front page story, I’d say his goose is cooked: FBI agents […]