OK now it’s time to take Halloween seriously. No more playing around.
I attended Laurel Hill Cemetery’s special Halloween tour, and I did my best to soak up the spirits, which did not disappoint.
Lest anyone think I am kidding, the languid and maudlin angel shown in the next picture is literally prying open the lid of the crypt behind her to let the spirit out.
Shortly after that, I positioned my camera very carefully so I could take a picture in the dark. It was only later that I realized that I had photographed what looks very much like an actual ghost:
Many might think so, but then, they need their denial, and I will not interfere. (But in fairness, if they haven’t seen an actual ghost, how can they know for sure that this isn’t one?)
Trying to beat the Halloween nighttime deadline, I managed to carve a pumpkin just before darkness had fully set in, and then right in this blog — before my very eyes! — another, even spookier cemetery scene managed to insinuate itself into the pumpkin image.
I can’t speak for the pumpkin but don’t I look frightened out of my gourd?