Still No Hope

James Kunstler’s blog has a new headshot up. Oddly enough, it makes him look like Al Gore. I know this will sound strange, but I think the look suits him. Gets him away from that unfortunate grinning shroom-devil look. As for any new content of substance, I must regretfully report that I sought in vain […]

Does innocence ever grow old?

In today’s Inquirer, I read that a rapist was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison. No ordinary rapist, he’s been called “the worst serial rapist in the city’s history.” Something else is a little unusual — his age: A 15-year-old boy who has been called “the worst serial rapist in the city’s history” was sentenced […]

Respectful photoshopping

There has been entirely too much disrespectful photoshopping going on in the blogosphere, and I must confess, I have in the past been a part of this out-of-control phenomenon. I even went so far as to photoshop Glenn Reynolds into a picture of Benito Mussolini — a distasteful outburst aggravated further by my tasteless repetition […]

A shame-on-America scoldathon!

Today is looking like a real scoldfest, with Bush getting it from all sides. The reports are just pouring in (a little something for everyone), but the bottom line is that for the terrible things Bush has done, we should all be ashamed. Here’s former president Jimmy Carter: “What has happened the last five years […]

Interview with Lieberman

I’ve mentioned the Pajamas Media interview of Senator Joseph Lieberman by Roger L. Simon, and it can now be streamed live here. I’m listening to it as I write this post, and it’s a real scoop. Great work! MORE: You must watch this interview! Of particular interest is the discussion of independent-mindedness in voters. Roger […]

How many is too many? Says who?

Friday is traditionally considered to be cat blogging day, but with the exception of an occasional visit with cats, I’ve almost never engaged in cat-blogging. That’s because I own no cats, and I’m allergic to them. I’d buy one of those new hypoallergenic cats, but they cost nearly $4000.00, so it’ll have to wait for […]

Moderating backwardness?

“For everything in this world, for civilization, for life, for success, the truest guide is knowledge and science. To seek a guide other than knowledge and science is a mark of heedlessness, ignorance, and aberration.” — Mustafa Kemal Ataturk I have a question. Would Mustafa Kemal Ataturk be considered a moderate Muslim? Or not a […]

Good gets better!

Get a load of this: …nobody covers events from more perspectives and with greater nuance than Pajamas Media. And that’s coming from major MSM figure Michael S. Malone, writing for ABC. I liked PJM from the inception of the idea, and I couldn’t be more delighted by the fact that they just keep getting better.

Unnecessary division over unnecessary divisions?

This is a painful post but I’ll try to crank it out rather than sit on it and let it get more painful. The “blogostorm” between Dean Esmay and Michelle Malkin has little to do with me personally*, but everything to do with the national debate this country has been having since 9/11 when we […]

Activists say “buy!” (But people aren’t buying.)

Even though the activists are telling people to buy the book, Sean Kinsell is not terribly impressed by New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey. One wonders whether this joker has any deep convictions at all. Well, at least he was secretly for gay marriage before he said he was openly against it (but only because he […]

More laws and less enforcement? Why?

With all the hullaballoo over guns in the Philadelphia Inquirer, you’d think a success story in the war against illegal gun trafficking would merit more attention than an inch and a half of text buried in a longer column on page B-7. I mean, what better way to demonstrate the effectiveness of law enforcement in […]

frightened out of my pajamas!

I wasn’t going to write a post about Tuesday night’s Pajamas Media-Politics Central panel conference, but attendee August J. Pollak made me feel a certain sense of obligation. To their credit, PJM is smart enough to keep their big-name hyper-partisans out of the public eye. Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, notorious for his self-proclaimed “moderate” position by […]

News that isn’t there?

The Brussels Journal’s Paul Belien reports serial rioting in Brussels, in a post titled “Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe”: ….Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international […]

Gibson’s thoughts revealed!

And transcribed! And…. interpreted? (Well, I can’t promise anything that fantastic, but I’ll try.) In an earlier post about statements attributed to Mel Gibson in news reports, I said that had “looked in vain for a detailed explanation of what Gibson means.” Thanks to this link from Justin (to an mp3 recording of the actual […]

Let’s be rational about monthly rations!

I’m back from a trip to DC, but the Philadelphia gun issue did not go away in my absence. Here’s today’s Inquirer: Obviously, there’s a lot in there. Too much to cover in a single blog post. (Someone could build an entire blog around the Inquirer’s coverage of the gun issue, though.) On the bright […]

Air travel sucks….

That’s what a lot of people are saying. And as I’ve learned, other forms of public transportation aren’t much better. That’s why I’ll be on a long drive today, and I’m getting ready to leave now. It would be nice to have one of these: Whatever happened to the future? MORE (09/28/06): A friend emailed […]

Jeff Cooper, R.I.P.

I’m sorry to hear about the death of Jeff Cooper, a legendary gun firearms instructor who was more than a spokesman for Second Amendment. He lived it. The Prescott (Arizona) Daily Courier remembers him: America lost a national treasure Monday, but most Americans will never know it. Yet many of those Americans may be alive […]

A few thoughts on blog bias

I complain far too much about the relentless anti-gun bias in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Not only does this risk boring readers, but it’s a major pain in the ass for me. I don’t think of myself as a gun blogger, nor do I start out pissed off at the Inquirer every day. Often I wake […]

Angry satyr, part II

In a previous post I commented on Bill Clinton’s oddly satyr-like demeanor. I see I am not alone in noticing or wondering what was going on. Via Pajamas Media, here’s WILLisms: ?Clinton?s best assets in personal appearances are his charm, his coolness and collectedness, and his command of the space around him. All of that […]

Undefinable RINOs rage without T-Shirts!

I didn’t realize it until today, but as Rachel at Tinkerty Tonk points out, the RINOs still don’t have an official T-shirt. She offers a great suggestion from Don Surber, which I will not spoil. You have visit the carnival to look. And while there, check out the great posts. I liked them all, but […]