Via Glenn Reynolds, McQ at QandO looks at the phenomenon called “Wal-Mart Derangement Syndrome” (WMDS) and finds himself in agreement with Jonah Goldberg:

So its a new twist on the old mantra that businesses Wal Mart’s job is to provide good pay and benefits to its workers. Not to profit through the delivery of the lowest cost goods available to its customer base. Not to keep to its business model. Not to compete. Deliver pay and benefits at a level acceptable to the Democrats. And while they’re at it they need to let their suppliers charge more so they too can do the same for their workers.
And, as has been pointed out ad nauseum to these folks, who are the losers?
Those 127 million shoppers, many if not most of them low income shoppers who now see their buying power shrink.
That is why Jonah Goldberg thinks it’s all silly and stupid and can’t understand the Democrats continued insistence that Wal Mart is an institution which needs to be singled out and taught a lesson. Frankly, I agree with him.

I agree with him too, but I think it would be a a mistake to conclude that WMDS is exclusively a left wing phenomenon.
Again, I get email. The same J. Matt Barber who emailed me about the Minneapolis Police Department also emailed me about Wal-Mart. He’s hopping mad, and not because Wal-Mart oppresses their employees by paying them twice minimum wage. Nor because they want to build stores on land which was once home to a rare subspecies of gnat. He’s upset because Wal-Mart is catering to anti-family homos:

Matt Barber, Corporate Outreach Director for Americans for Truth, expressed his disappointment with Wal-Mart today for further capitulating to the powerful homosexual lobby by recently partnering with the ?National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce,? an extremely influential homosexual organization steadfastly devoted to furthering the ?gay? agenda within corporate America.
?It?s a real shame, and I think people who value traditional marriage and the Biblical model of human sexuality should sit up and take notice of Wal-Mart?s recent support of radical pro-homosexual, anti-Christian groups and policies that seek to destroy the time-honored institutions of marriage and family, and further aim to silence proponents of traditional family values,? said Barber.

(Same post here.)
What radical anti-Christian groups? The NGLCC? Or are there others? And how is Wal-Mart out to destroy families and silence people who disagree? Barber does not say.

While understandably flying under the radar, Wal-Mart?s British subsidiary recently introduced a ?gay wedding? line of products, and Wal-Mart corporate has inexplicably re-defined ?family? in its corporate policies to include sexual partners of the same gender. It has also added employees who choose to engage in dangerous homosexual behaviors to its anti-discrimination policies.

Aside from Wal-Mart’s propensity to sell things to willing buyers, I suspect that what that means is that the company has decided to include domestic partner benefits (although I see no link to a source). As to not discriminating against employees who “choose to engage in dangerous homosexual behaviors,” how does Barber know about the details of Wal-Mart employees’ behaviors and how dangerous they are? I mean, has he some undisclosed source, deep on the inside? Has he installed cameras somewhere? Or does he just deem all “homosexual behaviors” to be “dangerous”? He does not say, but I’d hate to think he’s including lesbian sex as dangerous behavior, because lesbian couples have the safest track record this side of celibacy.
There’s more. Wal-Mart’s partnership with the NGLCC means discrimination against everyone else:

?Of course nobody advocates harassment of anyone in the workplace for anything,? said Barber; ?but my concern is that Wal-Mart?s recent company policy officially endorsing and promoting the homosexual lifestyle, now discriminates against employees who happen to believe, as Judeo/Christian tradition holds, that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that homosexual behavior is both immoral and unhealthy. What if Wal-Mart decided to hold a ?gay-day? like other companies have done? Would pro-family employees then be fired for ?discrimination? if they refused to participate because it violated their sincerely held religious beliefs??

What Wal-Mart did was announce a “diversity” partnership with the NGLCC. Whether you like “workplace diversity” for homosexuals or not, is that really “anti-family”? Is it really discrimination against those who disagree with the policy or disapprove of homosexuals?
Or might it be that Wal-Mart’s “discrimination” consists of holding a different opinion than J. Matt Barber?
Frankly, such a “standard” for discrimination reminds me of the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton discrimination standard.
I guess where it comes to Wal-Mart, birds of a feather flock together!
MORE: QandO’s McQ has more on the “right wing” (assuming that’s what this is) attacks on Wal-Mart. I this remark just about sums it up:

It’s a department store folks, get a freakin’ grip.

But isn’t that asking a lot?