The Coulter gay standard

In one of her most fascinating interviews to date (dutifully transcribed by Riehl World View) Ann Coulter reveals Bill Clinton’s deep dark gay secret. The proof? Why, it’s his blatant heterosexuality, dummy! DEUTSCH: Off the air, you were talking about Bill Clinton. Is there anything you want to say about Clinton? No? Ms. ANN COULTER: […]

The Village People meet Genghis Khan?

They might as well have! Anyway, this dance video (which makes me want to resort to wisecracks about the “gay steppes”) is quite funny: (If it won’t play here, try this link.) Speaking of Genghis Khan, did you know that Mongolia recently renamed its airport the “Genghis Khan International Airport“? I didn’t know that until […]

On this “war,” I remain anti-war

There’s a reason the federal government is dragging its feet on illegal immigration. It’s a wildly expensive and complicated problem with the potential to erupt in a race war. So said the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Monica Yant Kinney in her column yesterday. One of the things that always makes me sit up and take notice is […]

Entertaining heroism

Pit bulls are incredibly strong dogs, as anyone who’s ever owned one can attest. Coco’s ability to leap into the air is a constant source of amazement to me; if a tantalizing object is dangled before her, she can jump from a standing position to a height of over six feet. When I play fetch […]

Around the whirled

Last of the weekend photos. Some contemplation: And some action: I like it when excitement appears out of nowhere!

The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world

now SHOW ME THE MONEY! Update: Explanation Updatus Secundus: So what if Mel Gibson is not Tom Cruise? Update Tertius: Bee double ee double are you in? Beerrun. That’s the spirit! Now bring me the wenches. This is how we schnell! Update Yonban: This is madness. He’s going to attack? Yes. He’s defeated. He must […]

Like father, like son?

According to police reports, a drunken Mel Gibson apparently stated that “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Would alcohol make him say something like that? Possibly, but that does not mean the alcohol put the thoughts in his mind. From my experience with alcohol (and I’ve had a lot) alcohol […]

Same set of facts, completely different conclusions

I’m beginning to think that “gun violence” is the Philadelphia Inquirer’s biggest issue. It’s gotten to the point where nearly every Sunday’s front page is devoted to this tedious topic, with nothing new to say. Yes, Philadelphia has a huge crime problem, and many people are shooting each other. There is a criminal culture which […]

Crowded and busy

I was gone all day yesterday and most of the night, which only caused me to neglect personal business around here, so now I have to get caught up with non-blog-related matters. (It’s surprising — even shocking — how much time blogging can take.) Hopefully, I’ll have some time later today. (That looks almost unattainable, […]

When appearances are outlawed, only outlaws will have appearances!

Dogs with a pit bull “appearance” are illegal in Kansas City, Kansas: Under the city?s ordinances, it is illegal to have any dog with predominant characteristics or appearance of Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers or any combination of those breeds. There’s a huge uproar in Kansas right now because a[n […]

Why do they shoot us?

This looks like domestic terrorism to me: SEATTLE ? One person is dead and five others have been injured in a shooting at the Jewish Federation at 2031 Third Ave. in downtown Seattle. One suspect has been taken into custody. Seattle police spokesman Rich Pruitt said police are confident that only one shooter was involved. […]

Please help Jeff Goldstein

Jeff Goldstein is one of the funniest people in the blogosphere, and the continued psychotic threats against his child have not only gone way too far, the whole thing makes me wonder what the goal is. To stop Jeff from being funny? To make him quit blogging? To make him turn off comments? Or to […]

One Puppet. Two Glenns. Some strings attached.

An end to sock puppetry? By all means. Via Glenn Greenwald Reynolds, who doesn’t make clear which “side” he’s on. Why? This “Glenn” confusion is starting to bother me. Has anyone (outside of Brazil, that is) ever actually seen Glenn Greenwald? I mean, in person? Sure, there’s been a talking image floating around on the […]

Lock ’em up? But where?

In his latest Weekly Check on the Bias, Jeff Soyer discusses the current crime wave in Philadelphia and asks whether lenient judges are to blame: More anti-gun laws don’t stop crime. Locking up thugs for a good long time does. The City of Brotherly Love is experiencing a surge in gun violence. There’s been an […]

Stiffing socialism

Thanks to an email from blogger and commenter James Rummel, I discovered (only after about a half an hour of trial and error experimentation) that MT Blacklist would not allow any comment which used the word “Socialism.” OK, I hate socialism, and I freely admit my bias. But never in my wildest dreams would I […]

I hate being a Rhodes analyst!

I’m confused again. Ed Cone (via Glenn Reynolds) linked to the official website of the Randi Rhodes Show, which yesterday had a comment about Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, directly followed by a comment about the Israel/Hezbollah war: Bush puppet/Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki spouts White House talking points sprinkled with Islam to a joint […]

Abajo con Bush! Y viva el Che!

I almost forgot that today is the 26 of July — an important Communist holiday in Cuba which commemorates Castro’s 1953 assault on the Moncada barracks in Santiago. They celebrated by (among other things) blasting Bush: (AP) Fidel Castro led tens of thousands of Communist Party faithful in celebrating Cuba’s Revolution Day on Wednesday, telling […]

All eliminationist rhetoric is not equal

I’d like to examine what I consider to be a textbook example of genuine eliminationist rhetoric. (As opposed to the highly questionable variety discussed by Rick Moran.) I found the above picture at a post by Tammy Bruce titled “Hezbollah Among Us.” Calls for destruction of Israel and the Jews are nothing new, and had […]

The psychology of sock puppetry

Get ready for some moral relativism, because that’s exactly what’s coming. During the discussion of sock puppetry (in the most recent post about Doug Thompson and CHB), commenter Kip Watson asked about the origin of the term: Did you just coin the term ‘sock puppets’ for this sort of dishonesty? (I hadn’t heard it before) […]

Questioning authority (and other forms of “authoritarianism”)

Sorry for the long post which is about to follow, but the time has come for me to return to the roots of my various political (doubtless infantile) disorders. A better choice for the title of this post might be “Poli Psy 101″ . . . (Ironically, by writing this post, I’m neglecting my search […]