Via Pajamas Media, I’m sorry to read about the death of Rob Smith, aka ACIDMAN.
“A Real Life” is how PJM described Rob, and I think that’s a fitting tribute. Despite innumerable and complex health problems, the guy kept blogging right up until his last day on the planet. (No indication in that post that he knew it was his last.)
I found the man inspiring. I wish I had his kind of raw honesty. To the extent that I do, my circumspection and lawyerly training sometimes gets in the way, but I think it was cool that he showed — by personal example — how to really let it rip.
You won’t be forgotten, Rob!
Glenn won’t forget him. Nor will La Shawn Barber, who has a roundup of other bloggers who won’t, including Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Baldilocks, Hog on Ice, The Other Side of Kim, Smoke on the Water, and John of Argghhh!.
I think Kim du Toit (who called Rob an “angry bastard with guns”) put it quite well:

The world will definitely be a less-interesting place from now on . . .

(Now, if only my inner lawyer would allow me to remember Rob properly!)