A brief word on the well-organized movement by conservative activists (Richard Viguerie being a good example) to punish the Republicans by staying home in November.
Ostensibly this will punish the Republicans who voted the wrong way on guest worker amnesty and against the wall, because they will not be re-elected, and their seats will go to Democrats. Considering that the Democrats oppose the wall and favor amnesty, this “punishment” will not advance the activists’ ostensible goal one iota — at least not in the short term.
If the House goes Democrat, the activists’ chances plummet to nil.
Obviously, the primary goal is punishment, not achieving the goal, unless of course the goal is something else.
What might that be? Mere punishment of the Republican leadership? Or might it be some sort of dissembled attempt at a takeover of the Republican Party? If it is that, I’d love to know who the principal players are, and whether there’s an element of opportunism in the near-hysterical focus on immigration.
I think such a development would only favor the election of Hillary Clinton (for the reasons I’ve discussed many times).
Certainly, it will not punish the Democrats to give them control of the House. But what about the many voters who worry about things other than the border? What about fearful firearms owners? Citizens who fear higher taxes and hate bureaucracy? I’d be willing to bet that there a lot of other issues of interest to a lot of citizens.
Because punishing the leaders ultimately comes down to self-punishment (eliminating, as it does, all possibility of hope), one FREEPer compared the strategy of defeat to a suicide threat:

Maybe the Republican leadership should pay closer attention to their base this time around.
The issue the last time was over GHWBush going back on his pledge and raising taxes after the D’s refused to pass a budget until Bush raised taxes.
The faithful threw a hissy fit and went for Perot…we got Clinton and the first thing he did was [drum roll] raise taxes again.
So…threatening to punish the Republican leadership and rank and file by helping them get unelected unless they do what you want is like pointing a loaded gun at your own head and threatening to pull the trigger.

Or threatening to jump off a tall building.
(I don’t expect the Democrats to call the suicide prevention line.)