Impactful values?

Berkeley blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga offers bits of wisdom in a fun interview with the Berkeley Daily Planet: ?The most impactful activism was Cindy Sheehan, and it was the bloggers who promoted her first. She gave the media a hook, a story to tell.? Impactful? Actually, I was waxing impactfully about her just the other […]

Lesson in civic responsibility? (Well, yes!)

Like many people, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Tom Ferrick does not like guns. (That may be understatement.) But unlike most people who don’t like guns, he went out and spent nearly $800.00 to buy two handguns which he clearly doesn’t like: When I departed, I had a plastic shopping bag that contained not only my new […]

Newsflash! Heterosexuality makes women fat!

At least, that’s what a recent study shows: “Women eat more unhealthy foods and tend to put on weight and increase their consumption of foods high in fat and sugar when they move in with a male partner,” notes an analysis by Amelia Lake, a nutritionist with Britain’s Newcastle University. She based her conclusion on […]

If I dun tol’ yew wuns, I dun tol’ yew uh thowzan thymes

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re being pre presumptuous pretapretiacal fact of a profoundly inexplicable rationale. The least the two old (old (not really, old, but still… commas, you know, and, you know… ellipses… It turns out that the only particular happens to yawn when the wave of rationality has already […]

5 million years of ethical evolution?

New scientific research indicates that humans and chimpanzees diverged more recently than previously thought, and that they could have been interbreeding as recently as five million years ago: New scientific findings indicate that ancestral humans split from chimpanzee forebears more recently than previously thought and raise the possibility that the two nascent species hybridized before […]

hyperbole leads to nihilism

yeah just whatever nazis commies murderers traitors if you don’t blank you must be a blank as if anyone would care

The exigency of insurgence

Anyone who assumes that the suicide bombers in Iraq war are Iraqi “insurgents” should read this LA Times editorial: Most of the suicide bombers in Iraq are coming from Saudi Arabia. The rise in Saudi bombers stems from a split within the Saudi jihadist movement, according to some Al Qaeda experts. One faction wants to […]

A knockout peace plan!

While it hasn’t been discussed much by the mainstream media, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is readying the country for an invasion by U.S. troops: The Chavez government said it is preparing citizens to fight a guerrilla war to repel a possible Iraq-style invasion by U.S. troops. The Bush administration insists the invasion paranoia is nothing […]

Madrassa update

Turning from bananas in schools to more serious issues, I should begin this post by stating that I do not go about looking for child molesters under every table, any more than I look for terrorists in every mosque. (Regular readers probably know this, but I’m hoping the rest will keep it in mind.) Last […]

You have no right to drown in my pool!

In an earlier post, I likened American freedom to an attractive nuisance, and sarcastically discussed ways of making it less attractive to illegal immigrants. Mickey Kaus thinks the country is an attractive nuisance, but he calls for the more traditional remedy of a fence: The logic of seems inescapable. The U.S., in this sense, is […]

Yes, we have no bananas!

That last couple of posts made me wonder whether the battle over sexual indoctrination in the schools might be creating a sort of buffer zone where people who might otherwise be inclined to demand real change will exhaust themselves silly by fighting over an issue which, while it might be important, is secondary to the […]

Now you’ll know how your victims felt!

Ace links to this noxious high school “survey” which really isn’t a survey at all, but an attempt to intimidate young people who haven’t yet developed thick skins. Says Ace: I know they’ll say they’re just trying to make it easier for closeted gay teens to come out, to feel that they’re not alone. But […]

Kunstler and Carey Do Vegas

I was reading an article about James Kunstler and came across the following remark… Las Vegas is the holy shrine of a very pernicious religion?which is the religion of getting something for nothing; the religion of unearned riches?which is an idea that is extremely destructive and insidious and has now spread throughout our culture and […]

Satire isn’t funny when it’s at the taxpayers expense!

One of the things that plagues me is when I see things I know are meant to be serious, but which ought to be considered satire. From Evan Coyne Maloney (link via Pajamas Media) I have found a perfect example of real life imitating satire, quoted verbatim from the Seattle public school system’s Definitions of […]

It is not for us to understand why?

Pat Robertson has managed to grab yet another headline for yet another odd pronouncement. This time, God, he claims, has told him that America will be “lashed” by storms: Robertson said the revelations about this year’s weather came to him during his annual personal prayer retreat in January. “If I heard the Lord right about […]

Nothing gay about being grim . . .

Long long ago, when I was not much more than a boy, gay novelist Truman Capote startled the chattering classes by coming up with a new word for heterosexuals: “the grims.” This was meant by way of contrast to “the gays” — the fun-loving variety of homo sapiens which behaved more like Aesop’s irresponsible grasshopper […]

You should be too

That was destabilitating. Pardon me while I seek abstractly to regain that which you can find sufficiently surrogate for your superficial blues. Life is a joke. I spell it out early and in front. Meant, as it must be, in every possible way. Sorry to tell the rest of you, but everything else has been […]

Shifting the balance?

In a provocative post titled “Are you a fiscal conservative?” the Inquirer’s financial columnist Andrew Cassel asks some good questions: . . . [S]upply-siders aren’t totally wrong – there is some growth effect from tax cuts. But it’s not a large enough effect to make tax-cutting a painless exercise, as Congress and the Bush administration […]

How I became a mass murderer

A funny thing happened yesterday at the polling place which I didn’t think was worth mentioning in my previous post on the so-called “election.” As I approached the door, a woman asked me whether I wanted a Democratic Party voter’s guide. I explained that I was a Republican, but that I’d take one anyway to […]

12 year sentence for blogging (while the world yawns)

Speaking of unpaid volunteers, earlier I was trying to ascertain the proper term to describe the imprisoned writer in this story. Headlined “Chinese writer sentenced to 12 years for subversion,” it uses a variety of terms to describe online Chinese, um, journalists: BEIJING – A free-lance writer was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday, […]