I am spending Memorial Day weekend in the Midwest, and I’ll be doing a lot of traveling (starting right now) so posting will be nonexistent to light.
My reading material for the plane consists of two cheerful books:

  • Lincoln’s Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness, by Joshua Wolf Shenk; and
  • Pontius Pilate: The Biography of an Invented Man, by Ann Wroe.
  • While both of these men were important historical characters (and obviously, there’s a lot more known about Lincoln than Pilate) it’s always fascinating (for me, at least) to examine the fuzzy locus of uncertainty where history and mythology meet. Often, history is driven by human emotions, politics, and what people want to believe. This includes writers, who have their own biases, or they wouldn’t be writing about their subjects, so I always read with a skeptical eye.
    Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!