I just stumbled onto a new film I’m surprised was ever made, and which I can’t wait to see.
It’s The Lost City, directed by and starring Andy Garcia:

Set in Havana, Cuba, during the 50’s, a club owner is caught in the turbulent transition from the oppressive regime of Batista to the Marxist government of Fidel Castro. Castro’s regime ultimately leads the club owner to flee to New York.

Dustin Hoffman plays Meyer Lansky (brilliant choice), and Bill Murray plays a character called “the writer.”
But I’m late to the game. “The Lost City” has already been winning the highest praise in the blogosphere, from Roger L. Simon, Michelle Malkin, and Babalu Blog (who wrote a great review back in October).
According to imdb, the film has already been banned in the predictable places:

Movie star Andy Garcia’s controversial new movie The Lost City has been banned in parts of South America because it depicts romantic revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in a terrible light. The Ocean’s Twelve star spent years trying to get the project made, only for film festival bosses and cinema chains to shun the movie because it tells the truth about the Marxist guerilla leader and the Cubans slayed as he fought to revolutionize the country and hand Fidel Castro leadership. Garcia, who wrote, directed and stars in the film, says, “There have been festivals that wouldn’t show it. That will continue to happen from people who don’t want to see the image of Che be tarnished and from people who support the Castro regime. He still has a lot of supporters out there. Some people think Castro is a savior, that he looks out for the kids and the poor. It’s a bunch of hogwash. In the 45 years since Castro came to power, Cuba has been in the top three countries for human rights abuses for 43 of those years. People turn a blind eye to his atrocities.”

A blind eye?
While that’s certainly true for many people, certain Hollywood producers have had their eyes wide open. Like Robert Redford, producer of the Che-idolizing Motorcycle Diaries — who “took the film to Cuba for a special screening in the presence of Guevara’s friend and comrade, Fidel Castro.”
When I think of turning a blind eye, I think of people who remained silent while awful things were done. The eyes of Redford and the Hollywood lefties who funded the Motorcycle Diaries were about as blind as those of Leni Riefenstahl.
What surprises me is that Andy Garcia’s film was ever made at all — much less in Hollywood. (Interview with Garcia here.)
Might there be hope?
I haven’t seen any major MSM reviews of this film, but it’s supposed to open on Friday. Considering how quickly movies vanish around here, I’d better hurry.
(Maybe I can recycle my T-shirt design . . .)
MORE: Amazingly, I see that “The Lost City” has been listed under “New Boycotts of the Week” at BoycottLiberalism.com (a well-known ideological conservative site).
Can anyone explain to me how minds like that work?