As I try to make clear, I am a staunch opponent of culture wars as well as all forms of identity politics.
So naturally, as soon I learned about the so-called Rebel-Yankee Test via a friend’s email, I considered it my patriotic duty to take it.
The results did not please me:

36% Dixie. You are definitely a Yankee.

(I didn’t want to be anything, so I would have liked to have been 50-50, but I answered the questions honestly.) Of course, I spent more than half my life in California, and although I have lived in rural California, for a year in Hawaii, and shorter periods in the Midwest, I’ve never lived in the South at all. So I’m a bit puzzled that I’d score 36% Dixie.
Must be my love for the Second Amendment. And dogs. And all things rebellious.
It’s a fun test, and I think the whole matter calls for some kitsch.

SOUVLogo.jpg SOCVlogo.jpg

(After much agonizing, I decided not to supply any links to the above organizations, lest I be accused of harboring copperhead sentiments . . .)
MORE: Recovered memory! I don’t know how it managed to slip my mind, but I forgot my dad’s military service at Camp Pickett, Virginia (which probably accounts for part of my 36%). We rented a place in rural North Carolina. (Considering that my dad “retard” from the service in 1964, and these trips were of a couple of weeks duration, this took place over 40 years ago. Am I supposed to remember everything?)