What’s the above title mean?
I really don’t know, because I don’t understand Japanese. But hey, I guess I’ll just write a post about it anyway.
Sean Kinsell (who wrote the above title) reminded me of something I know all too well — but which it’s damnably easy to forget:

There’s so much information lacking about the port-rental-connected-to-UAE-holding-company thing that I figure I’ll let everyone else rupture a few arteries and decide what I think when we actually know what we’re talking about.

This reminds me of why I’m not a war blogger (at least, disinclined to shoot off my mouth about which tactics are appropriate in battle). I’m simply not qualified. Not only I have never served in the military, but I don’t have (and never had) a security clearance, or access to inside information which is absolutely necessary to be informed about what goes into classified decisions involving national security matters. So, my inclination is to try to support the war, stick to common sense issues I can understand, and hope we win.
I don’t like writing about stuff I know little or nothing about, and it makes me feel like an ignorant asshole whenever I do. (Might as well try to expound on the meaning of the characters in Sean’s title.)
What I can’t figure out is why I keep doing it. Because others do? That’s no reason to do anything.
I guess I can console myself with the knowledge that I’m not alone in my idiocy.
(Small comfort that is.)