This is news at its most tasteless:

A cab driver in Dallas, Texas, was allegedly caught on surveillance video sprinkling dried fecal matter on cookies and pastries at a grocery store, according to a Local 6 News.
Behrouz Nahidmobarekeh, 49, is on trial for allegedly throwing the feces on pastries at a Fiesta grocery store.
Police said that during an investigation, they found a pile of human feces by his bed. Investigators believe Nahidmobarekeh would dry the feces, either by microwave or just letting it sit out, grate it up with a cheese grater and then sprinkle it at the store.
“(We are) unable to identify him; just a young boy, maybe 3 years old, on the surveillance tape you can see him eating one of the cookies and that’s the worst part about it,I think.”

Time for grief counselors, maybe?
While the man’s motive is apparently unknown, the FBI has determined that this was “not a national security issue.”
There’s certainly national interest in the story, though. Drudge listed it yesterday but took it down, but that didn’t stop the Washington Post, which added a salient fact:

… customers had complained that the fresh-baked items smelled and tasted like manure.

Add this to the report of “loogie” in the turkey wrap, and I’m beginning to see a pattern. Of national insecurity.
(And probably, as Rob Smith suggested, bad manners.)