Harriet Miers has withdrawn her nomination.
I am not surprised.
In fact, I think it’s possible that the suspicions I previously and repeatedly expressed have been confirmed.
(Not that I can prove it. But Bush and his team are far too politically savvy not to have been able to anticipate this.)
AFTERTHOUGHT: I hope my suspicions are wrong. Because I can’t shake this feeling that if I am right, people (including me, because I’ve wasted a lot of time writing about Miers) have been, well, manipulated.
NEW NOMINATIONS, ANYONE? (I’ve already proposed Reynolds, Volokh, Barnett and Kozinski, but I’m not entirely confident they’re on Karl Rove’s short list….)
UPDATE: Jonah Goldberg has called the Miers withdrawal “BRILLIANTLY ROVIAN!” (Via Gateway Pundit.)
Bush had no idea that the Senate might seek “internal White House documents,” of course….
(Link to Gateway via Glenn, who also links to the full text of Miers’ letter.)
MORE: Is it possible that we might get a libertarian on the court? Orin Kerr looked at Janice Rogers Brown last month, and pronounced her a “hard core libertarian.”
Might a Brown nomination be something both libertarians and moral conservatives could support?
(Go ahead! Call me a dreamer….)
SOBER AFTERTHOUGHT: If Janice Rogers Brown is the libertarian Kerr suggests she is, I don’t think her nomination is likely.
That’s because conventional politics means Culture War uber alles!
I hate to say this, but power abhors taking the Constitution literally. There’s too much to lose.