I don’t know what the hell is going on with the Able Danger matter, but posts like these (via Glenn Reynolds and Tom Maguire) make me very suspicious.
Someone needs to take a close look at these tin foil sites, and see whether any of their allegations pan out.
There are allegation that Michael Chertoff represented Magdy Elamir, a doctor with substantial al Qaida ties, who even worked with nuclear materials. He has a brother named Mohamad Elamir (which was Mohamad Atta’s name and his father’s name), although as AJ Strata (of Strata-Sphere) suggests, it’s probably a name as common as John Smith.
What bothers me is that professional politicians like Curt Weldon do not normally use words like “sinister” to describe simple government negligence. But Weldon did.
You can read the stuff I copied by clicking below. It ought to be possible to verify independently the Bergen New Jersy newspaper stuff, as well as whether or not the NBC “Dateline” show ever aired.
This stuff goes on and on, and unfortunately most of the links are to paranoid conspiracy sites (like David Duke, reporting for Indymedia).
I wish reporting by nutjobs made the reports automatically wrong.
There’s more at the All Spin Zone, at Mad Cow Morning News, and at the University Star.
Strata-sphere has done a great job bringing this to light, and his posts are collected here.
Dr. Elamir certainly exists, and the problems he created are still generating controversy in the medical comunity.
Enough tin foil for one day.
I’m very skeptical about this, and there’s probably a reasonable explanation for most of the allegations — especially about Chertoff (who is, after all, a lawyer).
But the bottom line is that Fox News has confirmed through a third source the presence of Atta in the United States at least year before 9/11, and verified this by examining connections to Omar Abdul Rahman. And it does appear that this was covered up. Why?
I don’t know, but in any case, my spirits are much lifted by Mickey Kaus’s optimistic skepticism:

Why do I feel that through the power of the blogosphere we are asymptotically approaching the truth? …

First there were two Attas; now four Elamirs. Why do people have to have names that shift with the sands?
Once again, thank God for the blogosphere.
MORE: I’m inclined to agree with Captain Ed about Iran, too. Iranian involvement with al Qaida is substantial and ongoing, as I’ve complained repeatedly, and I sometimes wonder whether Iran might have been a better target than Iraq, although I’m not privy to the inside information which forms the bases of these decisions.
AFTERTHOUGHT: Hillary Clinton was the sole dissenting vote against confirming Michael Chertoff. If — and I do mean if because I’m skeptical — a major scandal is brewing implicating him, she’d be sitting pretty. The only thing which might save the Republicans then would be be to capture bin Laden.
In Iran!

Warning: this stuff comes from nutty and unreliable web sites. I’m putting it here not because I believe it, but because I’m hoping that people with more time and expertise can do the type of fact-checking I’m unable to do.
From the Op Ed News (an unreliable site):

The August 2, 2002 edition of Dateline NBC, brought to light the story of another North Jersey character named Dr. Magdy Elamir.
?Last fall, ?Dateline? obtained information about Magdy Elamir. He?s a prominent doctor, a neurologist with a practice in Jersey City . Born and educated in Egypt , he moved to this country about 20 years ago and since then has built a fortune. He lives in a mansion, is generous to local charities and is an active supporter of both political parties.
Should counterterrorism investigators take an interest in Dr. Elamir? Well, ?Dateline? obtained a document last fall ? foreign intelligence report, that makes a startling allegation about the doctor ? that he has had financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years. The report was given to a senior member of Congress, Ben Gilman, back in 1998, when he was Chairman of the House International Relations Committee.
?We have a former FBI person on our staff and I asked him to look it over,? says Congressman Gilman. ?He thought it was credible enough to turn it over to the intelligence people. And we turned it over to the FBI practically immediately.?
This was in 1998.
The report alleges that an H.M.O. owned by Dr. Elamir in New Jersey was ?funded by ben [sic] Laden? and that in turn Dr. Elamir was skimming money from the H.M.O. to fund ?terrorist activities.?
Has the FBI answered those questions? Not to Congressman Gilman?s satisfaction. But what ?Dateline? found intriguing is that less than a year after the congressman says the FBI received the report, Dr. Elamir?s HMO was taken over by the state of New Jersey , which opened a fraud investigation. Why? Because, according to sources close to the investigation, more than $15 million is unaccounted for. Where did the money go? ?Dateline? has reviewed documents that show at least some of it went into hard-to-trace offshore bank accounts. Does that mean any of the missing money went, as the intelligence report suggests, to fund terrorist activities? We don?t know.? (2)
This story really caught my attention since allegations were made that Dr. Elamir had financial ties to Osama Bin Laden for years and that Bin Laden had funded an HMO that Elamir was operating in New Jersey . The intelligence report that Dateline refers to also infers that Dr. Elamir may have skimmed money from the HMO to fund ?terrorist activities?.
I decided to look deeper into this story and found the following information about Dr. Elamir:
?Magdy El Sayed El Amir, a native of Egypt, received his medical degree from the University of Cairo in 1977. After moving to the US with his family, he completed his neurology and psychiatry residency before opening a storefront neurology practice in Jersey City , NJ , in 1982. The practice catered to the area’s poor, many of whom were fee-for-service Medicaid beneficiaries.
Elamir (in this country, he’d begun eliding the two parts of his last name) did a brisk business. Before long, his medical practice became the nucleus for other health-related enterprises, including several MRI centers, a limousine and ambulance company, and a physician billing and management service. He also acquired real estate in Hudson County , where he practiced, and in several adjoining counties.? (10)
I also found out that in addition to the HMO fraud case referred to in the Dateline story, that Dr. Elamir had a history of involvement in other fraud cases.
?In 1996 and 1997, Maryland Casualty Insurance Co., National Consumer Insurance Co., and Allstate New Jersey Insurance Co. cited Elamir and numerous other defendants in lawsuits alleging that they performed unnecessary medical procedures on “victims? of staged auto accidents. As a result, Allstate stopped paying for MRIs at Elamir’s unlicensed centers, and his cash flow dropped, Elamir’s attorneys have said.
Elamir ran afoul of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 1997 after applying for a license to perform radioactive imaging in another of his offices. The NRC found that he had listed a Long Island doctor as his office’s radiation safety officer and the sole authorized user of the material without the doctor’s knowledge, NRC disciplinary
records show. The physician was not licensed in New Jersey , according to the state Board of Medical Examiners.
As a result, the NRC has prohibited Elamir from any involvement
with nuclear medicine until 2002.? (11)
In 2001 Dr. Elamir was involved in another accident fraud case in New Jersey :
?A Clifton lawyer and three doctors were arrested in Wednesday’s roundup of 192 defendants charged as part of an auto insurance fraud ring, making them the first professionals to be arrested under New Jersey ‘s anti-runner statute.
Hudson County prosecutors said the ring staged accidents in Hudson, Bergen, Passaic and Essex counties to try to collect $5 million in phony claims, a few of which were paid by carriers cooperating in the 19-month-long sting operation.? (12)
Further on in the article:
?The other doctor charged under the statute is neurologist Magdy Elamir of Saddle River . He is accused of paying Poller in exchange for his sending patients to Elamir’s clinics for unnecessary and expensive MRIs.
Neurologist Elamir, who operates clinics in several cities, is no stranger to authorities. In June 2000, he was sued by the state for allegedly draining $16.7 million from the assets of a Newark-based HMO he and his associates ran. The now-defunct HMO, American Preferred Provider Plan, served 44,000 poor, mostly Medicaid patients.
State Banking and Insurance Commissioner Karen Suter said at the time that the assets were diverted to Elamir, his relatives and associates, and other enterprises he controlled, including HMOs in Michigan and Washington , D.C.
Bill Hine, a spokesman for Suter, says the suit against Elamir is in discovery. The state is liquidating the Washington HMO and has taken over the Michigan operation and sold the assets, he adds.
Elamir’s clinics also came up in the discipline case against former Newark solo practitioner Patrick Pajerowski, disbarred by the state Supreme Court in 1998 for using a runner. In that ethics case, two accident victims were visited by the runner — Pajerowski’s office manager — who referred them to a Jersey City clinic operated by Elamir, even though they told him they were not injured. No criminal charges were filed.? (12)
If that wasn?t enough, I also found that in 1999, Dr. Elamir was running a number of unlicensed MRI centers:
?A Saddle River man accused by the state of siphoning more than $ 9
million from his financially ailing health maintenance organization also
owns five unlicensed MRI centers that are not subject to health and
safety standards, state officials say.
Dr. Magdy Elamir, owner of the American Preferred Provider Plan
(APPP), which was taken over by the state last month, owns magnetic
resonance imaging centers in Paterson , Passaic , Jersey City , Irvington ,
and Newark .? (13)
So here we have a prominent neurologist who is alleged to have funneled money to Osama Bin Laden through his fraudulent HMO, and we also discover that he has been involved in at least two accident fraud schemes, operated unlicensed MRI centers and had a license revoked by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The NRC license revocation is especially troubling since unauthorized and unlicensed personnel at Dr. Elamir?s clinics were handling nuclear materials.
In a document I found titled Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances, dated July 1- December 31, 1998 , Volume 48 pages 1-415, on page 7 is listed:
Magdy Elamir , MD
( Newark , New Jersey )
Docket 1A 97-070
Memorandum and Order, LBP 98-25, October 8, 1998 ??226
This document is in the form of a PDF file and when I scrolled down to page 226, I found five pages of information concerning the suspension of Byproducts Material License # 29-30282-01. (14)
In an NRC News article published by the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on April 4, 1997 , it states:
?An NRC inspection in January found that the individuals acting as the authorized user of radioactive materials at Newark Medical Associates and as its radiation safety officer were not listed on the license, as NRC requires. A subsequent investigation by the NRC’s Office of Investigations determined that the application for the license listed an individual as the sole authorized user and radiation safety officer without that individual’s consent or knowledge. Investigators further found that the individual has never been associated with Newark Medical Associates.? (15)
To make matters worse, Dr. Elamir?s own brother, Mohamed El Amir, was implicated in Operation Diamondback:
?Dateline? has found another reason why federal investigators might want to pay close attention to Dr. Elamir and his family. It?s something we learned when we interviewed Randy Glass, the con-man turned undercover operative who helped the government break up an illegal weapons ring allegedly tied to terrorist groups. It turns out that one of the people recorded trying to arrange an arms deal with Randy Glass was Dr. Elamir?s own brother, Mohamed, an engineer, also a U.S. citizen now living in Egypt. And just listen to what he was interested in.
?There was a warehouse full of weapons in Italy that they needed shipped,? says Glass.
It was the spring of 1999. Mohamed Elamir explains that he wants false papers that would identify a shipment of weapons ? as vegetables.
Randy Glass: ? But you?re talking about, they?re saying they wanna ship vegetables, right? Is what they want ? is what they want on the paperwork, correct??
Mohamed El Amir: ?Yep.?
Then Randy Glass cuts to the chase.
Randy Glass: ?Listen. My phone line is secure. And so I?m just gonna talk very open with you, OK??
Mohamed El Amir: ?Yep.?
Randy Glass: ?OK. They want to ship things like tanks, correct??
Mohamed El Amir: ?Uh-huh.?
Glass: ?OK. How… OK. In or? ?
Mohamed El Amir: ?No, no, no, no. Just ammunition, not tanks.?
Randy Glass: ?So they just wanna do basically, small arms and ammunition, right??
Mohamed El Amir: ?Yes.?
Did Mohamed give Glass any indication as to who was going to get these arms?
?Never got a chance to ask him,? says Glass.
Glass says federal agents told him to drop the matter.
So, what happened to the case? ?Nothing,? says Glass.
There was no follow-up. ?No,? says Glass.
Was this a missed opportunity? ?Hundred percent,? says Glass.
And Randy Glass doesn?t know the half of it, because that same intelligence report that talks about Dr. Elamir also names his brother Mohamed as having ties to Osama bin Laden.? (2)
So at this point we now have information that Dr. Magdy Elamir along with his brother Mohamed El Amir have ties to Osama Bin Laden and yet neither one of them is arrested. Randy Glass says in fact that ?federal agents told him to drop the matter.?
All of this information made me wonder what a person has to do in New Jersey to lose his or her medical license? I also wondered why Dr. Elamir had never been arrested for his connections to Osama Bin Laden? The only logical reason I could figure that Dr. Magdy Elamir was still practicing medicine was that he must have had one fine well connected lawyer.
I then took a closer look at the articles and court documents I had collected on Dr. Magdy Elamir and they revealed who his lawyer was.
?Elamir did not return repeated phone calls seeking comment. But his
attorney, Michael Chertoff, said several of the five MRI centers may be
exempt from licensing requirements, a position questioned by state
health officials.? (13)

Then there’s this from the Liberty Post:

Is this true? Michael Chertoff, Homeland Nominee Aided a 911 Terrorist
January 23, 2005 Michael Chertoff, Homeland Nominee Aided a 911 Terrorist
As incredible as this news may seem, it has now been revealed that the nominee of President Bush for the new Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, has ties with a man suspected of financing the 911 attacks, Dr. Magdy Elamir. There is also convincing evidence that Chertoff as head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department shielded this financier of 911 from prosecution in a terrorist case.
The Record newspaper of Bergen County, New Jersey on June 20, 2000 shows that Chertoff defended Magdy Elamir who was sued by the State of New Jersey for $16.7 million dollars in losses. Over $5.7 million went ?to unknown parties?by means of wire transfers to bank accounts where the beneficial owner of the account is unknown.?
Who is Elamir Magdy, Chertoff?s important client? On the NBC program, Dateline, on August 2, 2002, Rep. Ben Gilman, R-NY, of the House International Relations Committee was quoted as saying in 1998 that Magdy Elamir had ?financial ties with Osama bin Laden for years.?
In fact, Elamir even had strong connections with the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993.
Magdy Elamir was one of the most important financial supporters of the Al Salam mosque. The Al Salam mosque was where Omar Abdel-Rahman preached, the Muslim extremist who was later arrested for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Former New Jersey police officer Allan Duncan said that ?The Jersey City area and particularly the Al Salam mosque were allowed to continue as a major hub of terrorist activity in the United States.? During this period, 1990 to 1994, Chertoff was the U.S. Attorney for this area, the District of New Jersey. Amazingly, even after this period, Elamir later became one of Chertoff?s most important clients.
In 1999, Magdy Elamir and his brother Mohammed were named suspects in Operation Diamondback which was an FBI/ATF undercover infiltration of Pakistani arms dealers who sought to arm Osama bin Laden with conventional and nuclear weapons. According to the testimony of officer Duncan and taped transcripts with FBI informant Randy Glass, Elamir was a key player in this operation. According to Dateline NBC Mohammed Elamir tried to purchase small arms and ammunition in a recorded telephone conversation with Glass.
Dateline confirmed that Elamir and his corporation had paid at least $5000 to Egyptian arms dealer Diaa Moshen. Moshen was sentenced to 30 months for his involvement in Operation Diamondback.
Officer Allan Duncan, who was hired as an investigator by families of the September 11 attacks, said that the reason Elamir was never convicted was because he was never charged with a crime. When Operation Diamondback culminated in arrests in the summer of 2001, Michael Chertoff had become the Assistant Attorney General in charge of the criminal division of the U.S. Justice Department and Operation Diamondback was under his authority.
Chertoff blocked the indictment of his former client, Magdy Elamir.
Chertoff has also blocked the indictment of other Israeli partisans like himself with ties to 911.
In a four part investigative report on the Brit Hume, Fox News program in December of 2001 it was revealed a huge Israeli Mossad spy team of at least 100 members had been arrested by the FBI. The Fox News report revealed that the Israeli spy ring had penetrated FBI, CIA, DEA, U.S. Attorney?s Offices, Federal judges, even military bases. In addition, the Mossad, through an Israeli company was and is able to monitor all phone calls made in the United States, including those of law enforcement agencies. It is known that Israeli drug kingpins in the United States escaped prosecution because of this penetration.
It also revealed that Mossad agents had closely shadowed the 911 hijackers for months before 911. They repeatedly failed lie detector tests. Considering their close monitoring of the hijackers for months, the FBI agents are quoted as saying, ?How could they not have known? the details of the 911 attacks. The report suggests that the Israeli Mossad knew the details of the attacks in advance but did not provide the information to the United States. In one of its most revealing moments, the Fox News report quotes an unnamed FBI source saying that for an agent to expose Israeli spying is ?career suicide.?
Michael Chertoff freed the over 100 members of a huge Israeli spy ring apprehended in the wake of 911, including the Israeli agents who had tapped the telephones and shadowed 911 terrorist leader Mohammed Atta and many of his hijacker team for weeks before the attacks.
Chertoff also freed five Mossad agents who had been arrested and detained for months by the FBI on the day of the 911 attacks. They had been caught in New Jersey filming and cheering the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center. Interestingly enough they were apprehended with large sums o