I spent most of the afternoon in New Jersey, but I got back in time to contemplate the utter devastation in New Orleans. There’s not much I can do except give money, and fortunately, Glenn Reynolds made it easier by providing lots of links to the various charities. I decided to give to Catholic Charities, because I worked with them years ago in San Francisco (at the peak of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s), and they were great. I’m not Catholic, but I was impressed because they didn’t proselytize, and they didn’t judge anyone. On top of that, they didn’t have the lavish offices and big salaries which some of the other, more media-savvy charities have. New Orleans is a heavily Catholic city, so I figured my money would go farther if I gave through Catholic Charities.
Not that I’m trying to convince anyone to use Catholic Charities, mind you.
Just GIVE.
UPDATE: Via Glenn Reynolds, FEMA has a comprehensive list of charities here.