I’m a little embarrassed.
That’s because John Beck (who’s hosting this week’s Carnival of the Vanities at his super blog Incite) ranked my post way too highly — giving me second billing only to Laurence Simon’s Carnival of the Cats! (This week’s Carnival of the Cats is hosted by the charmingly named Annoying Little Twerp — The Annoying Little Psycho Girl Next Door. I note that her picture looks disturbingly like Coco’s boyfriend Tristan.)
Here’s the justification John gave for assigning me such an undeservedly high ranking:

…unlike any other blogger featured here today, I know for a fact that Eric has good taste in German Brewhauses. Which, as far as I’m concerned, is an ideal criterion by which to judge a blogger.

I’m flattered by the honor, but I think it’s fair to point out that John also has equally good taste in German Brews.
And good taste in Carnivals! After seeming to regret that the Carnival contains “fewer than 50 posts,” he methodically, humorously goes through 48 — without so much as a burp!
(Which is fewer than the number of German brews he went through the other night, so I think John could have handled more!)
Anyway, I don’t have the responsibility to review all 48, but the following stood out as particularly flavorful:

  • According to Brian J. Noggle, Norman Mineta dislikes the law of supply and demand, so he’s imposing government solutions.
  • Mister Snitch notes the historical irony of Bush being hated almost as much as… Lincoln!
  • Funny Business relates an automotive horror story with a happy ending: a simple problem had been complicated by the standard (and expensive) industry practice of “remove and replace” — without regard to common sense.
  • What do you do after graduation if you spent your time as a student of Journalism writing “inaccurate, virulently anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic” screeds? According to Solomonia (who has incredible graphics, BTW) you find work with a National Public Radio affiliate! (Why am I not surprised?)
  • Did you know that the S&P500 average annual rate of return from 1900 through 2004 is 7.78%? I didn’t, but Political Calculations proves it.
  • I realize that tastes in blog posts, like tastes in brews, will vary according to the individual drinker/reader, and so I seriously suggest you go directly to Incite, and drink to your heart’s content!