Coco is very confused by a web site called Pitbull Clothing. There are no canine fashions whatsoever (much less attire designed for or about pit bulls) — just run-of-the-mill humanwear.
She’s thinking of filing a complaint like this.
While the complaint above was based on alleged plagiarism of a phrase — “Often exercising can be a boring, tedious part of your day that you can dread, or even put off” — Coco is more concerned about the misappropriation of her breed name to sell human attire.
Coco is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that there is no pit bull-oriented attire for sale at the aforesaid web site, and is further concerned about the modern human trend of attempting to copyright — even trademark — ordinary words and phrases. She believes that there may be a conspiracy by various members — known and unknown to her at this time — of the species Homo sapiens, to misappropriate the word “pit bull” to the point where it might no longer be available or allowed to describe her breed.
She is therefore faxing her DMCA complaint to the appropriate authorities:


The thing is, Coco hates bureaucratic paperwork, and I don’t think she’s too fond of lawyers.
(Fortunately, she makes an exception in my case, but I’m still on probation.)
What I cannot put off is my long drive to New Jersey today, and I doubt I’ll be back at a reasonable time.
But I’m sure I’ll be back at an unreasonable time, hopefully with more unreasonable observations.