Via Glenn Reynolds, I see that Daily Pundit’s Lastango is encouraging citizens to get involved with self-help terrorist awareness training, and he’s citing such programs as the “Highway Watch” and “Eagle Eyes.”
Concludes Lastango,

We may one day decide we need to approximate Israel?s level of awareness, where even school children are given terror awareness training.

I agree.
But many do not. Instead, they resolutely condemn these programs as racist, xenophobic, Orwellian and, yes, even fascistic.
The Eagle Eyes program has been ridiculed as moronically racist, and as downright totalitarian in nature.
As to the Highway Watch Program, here’s top anti-fascist Dave Neiwert:

the purpose of the program is not to do anything serious about terrorism: It’s to enable these truck drivers in harassing “non-American” minorities.
In the end, it is not significantly different than government law-enforcement actions that encouraged citizens to “crack down” on their neighboring Japanese Americans on the Pacific Coast during World War II.

In other words, if you support the Highway Watch program (much less get involved in it), why, you’re a concentration-camp-supporting bigot. (Predictably, supporters of such self-help measures have also been labeled “wingnuts.”)
Aside from ridiculing and condemning citizen involvement, there are bolder means of intimidating those who might be inclined towards self-help. One of them is to make people fearful of becoming embroiled in litigation if they get involved. Recalling my own post-9/11 experience, I speculated about litigation as a possible motivation, and I concluded:

We have to protect ourselves — hopefully with common sense, but with our lives if necessary.
Even if we get dragged into lawsuits!

I thought that bore repeating, because one of the reasons people don’t get involved is out of fear of intimidation.
I am not saying that fear of intimidation is not a legitimate fear. But I do think that the more terrorism there is, the more likely people are to lose their fear of intimidation. That’s because while terrorism is also intimidation, the ultimate fear created by terrorism is the fear of death. The fear of intimidation promoted by political criticism (or by such threats as lawsuits) is grounded largely in social embarrassment (or at worst losing your job). It boils down to the shame and guilt cycle, but I think life-and-death tends to trump shame-and-guilt.