Virginia Postrel’s reporting (via Glenn Reynolds) of this shocking display of anti-book triumphalism reminded me of what I saw done to the San Francisco Public Library: a drastic reduction in the number of books, with the former stacks of books replaced by huge uncluttered spaces with Internet terminals here and there. (Plenty of space now for the homeless who live in the place, and for loud undisciplined kids to play there without fear of being shushed so people can read.)
As to the books, they were turned into landfill. When the public noticed, the librarian who did it was fired, but the damage was done:

Dowlin was fired as a result of the scandal involving landfill dumping of books to cover up the botched design of the New Main library, among other failings.

(Call me a cynic, but I just don’t think books are turned into landfill by accident.)
The meme that’s going around is that “The Internet has made traditional libraries obsolete.”
Has it?
If so, then what’s the purpose of all the tax dollars going to libraries?