Driving around I saw an improvised sort of bumpersticker, consisting of two slogans on a rear windshield sign:


NOTE: The car and sign are real. The customized license plate was designed by Dennis.
I must say, it’s a rarity, as these two slogans in juxtaposition are not available as a bumpersticker for sale anywhere that I can find.
However, the first slogan — FREE JUDITH MILLER” — it’s doing pretty well at 13,600 hits. There are of course bumperstickers, T-shirts, and even totebags (the latter sold alongside Hillary coffee mugs.)
As to “JAIL BOB NOVAK,” I could only find two Google hits for that phrase.
One was from this “Bush the Destroyer website (which demands that Novak be jailed for “treason”); the other from a commenter here who wants to jail him for “sedition.”
Treason is spelled out in the Constitution, and the days of sedition laws are long gone. I don’t think the “JAIL BOB NOVAK” meme is much of a winner (no tees yet, folks!), but I do like originality.
Speaking of which, that “Bush the Destroyer” site had an amusing Fox News graphic which is also worth sharing:

Now there’s a T-shirt idea!
UPDATE: While searching diligently for the dominant paradigm earlier today (at a nearby shopping center) my search was disrupted by this truly loathsome attack on all that I hold dear!

The horror! The horror!
Today must be one of those days. . .