Coco has a small friend — a full-grown Shih-Tzu named “Tristan” — who’s known her since she was four months old. Tristan is a neutered adult male (and less than one-third Coco’s size), which is why I am surprised and shocked to see that his once-meek habits have clearly turned from friendly to blatantly amorous.
This afternoon’s events started out as a lazy afternoon visit to a delightful older estate. Here sit Coco and Tristan, luxuriating in the shade, a stately mansion behind them:
Tristan had other things in mind, though, and soon the older dog’s thoughts turned from innocent puppy play to genuine lust. Despite his substantial disadvantage in size, he did his best to mount Coco:
(Penetration, of course, would have been almost impossible.)
But lest anyone doubt the little dog’s determination, here’s a closeup of his face:
Almost impossible? Not if Coco keeps doing stuff like this:
It’s probably fortunate for both of them that Tristan lacks the necessary equipment to procreate. Because if something did happen, not only would the progeny look a bit ridiculous, but what would I call them?
A Pit-Tzu?
A Shiht-Bull?
A Bull-Shiht?
(Damned if I’m not being dogged by definitions again.)
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