According to a headline in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Air America Radio’s ratings are down — to the point where the network is “stuck in the cellar”:

Air America’s overall ratings, which rose initially after all the free publicity, faded before the November election and haven’t recovered.
Still, it isn’t yet time to call the coroner for Air America Radio, even though some conservative pundits are gloating that AAR is DOA.

Let these so-called “conservative pundits” gloat. And let them “call the coroner.”
What Air America’s chief spokesman said last year continues to be the truth this year, because all the words spoken by conservative pundits continue to be lying lies!
It is official. They are now all condemned!
MORE: Notwithstanding the words of truth from Baghdad Bob, the chattering away of impudent conservative pundits like Michelle Malkin and the Llama Butchers (butcherers and consumers of unclean animals, no doubt) continues unabated.
They too are condemned!
MORE: It seems that these professional liar/pundits are everywhere in the blasphemous blog-o-spere!

  • NRA big shot liar Cam Edwards (who dares ask, in his unbearable insolence, “Where’s My Money?”) Baghdad Bob hereby condemns you!
  • And Captain Ed, whose utterance that “Air America Dodges Responsibility” damns him forever as an unredeemable infidel heretic, you too are condemned!
  • MORE: All lies have to start somewhere, and interested readers might want to know that this entire series of lying lies about Air America started with the InstaLiar himself. Baghdad Bob countered by speaking the original truth here.
    UPDATE: Despite clear warnings, Captain Ed thinks Baghdad Bob is a joke!
    (Well, he was warned.)
    MORE LIES: Kevin Aylward, and Ace, by circulating the lies, have also proven themselves worthy of condemnation! And they are both condemned! Shame on all who have linked them!
    EDITORIAL FROM HELL: The Washington Times shows itself to be the mother of all lies!
    Do not read it!
    MORE: The InstaLiar dares to speak again! In a sneaky claim that “there may be more to this than I had thought,” fork-tongued serpent Glenn Reynolds links the impudent (and already twice condemned) Captain Ed, thus damning himself for many more future eternities.
    They are all condemned again! Tortures of the damned await them!
    How many condemnations will it take before these infidels learn?