This week’s Carnival of the Vanities is hosted by Adam Gurri at Sophistpundit. There are many good posts, some great ones, lots of life, and some death. As is my habit, I’ll just mention a few that stood out for me.

  • Considering that there are so many Carnivals these days, and so many new bloggers, Bad Example’s Harvey has a must-read post called “HOW TO ENTER A LINK-FEST CARNIVAL.” Good advice!
  • Mr. Snitch offers some great video of Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • A Muslim in Palestine dares to teach (a bit tentatively) that the Holocaust actually happened — and he’s hated for his effort. But as Solomonia carefully demonstrates, the Associated Press’s Holocaust minimization of the Holocaust is much more appalling than that of Palestinians.
  • Kevin at The Smallest Minority highlights a Supreme Court case confirming what many have learned the hard way: the police are not there to protect you, and they don’t have to. (So you’d better learn how to protect yourself.)
  • Much I hate to end this mini-review on a sad note, this last post strikes near to my heart. Laurence Simon’s spirited and talented cat Edloe has passed at age 14, and Laurence has written a very touching tribute. All he has is an empty collar:

    But every now and then, an empty collar means something else:
    A friend is gone.

    How I know. I’m looking at Puff’s empty collar right now. It’s been empty for two weeks now.
    I’m truly sorry, Laurence. Wish I’d known Edloe.

  • There’s a lot more of course. As Adam concludes,

    the blogosphere is not lacking in activity.

    Sometimes it’s too not lacking, but that’s OK.