In an awfully predicamenting embarassment, I just learned that Tom Brennan had tagged me with the book game before I was tagged by Matt Sheffield.
But I already responded to Matt. The question now becomes what to do. Should I delete the previous book post and explain to Matt that I had a previous unknown engagement? Or should I fess up to Tom that I am a blithering dolt who fails to notice when he is “it”?
I’m in a true dilemma. There’s no way to handle such a thing gracefully even now. I can’t retract the previous post because it was true. And I can’t reissue it because that would be, well, redundantly repetitive. Which means that I’ll have to incorporate it by reference, using the magic words,

“My previous post, as evidenced by this link, was, and at all times herein mentioned is, for all purposes pertaining to the current post, hereby incorporated herein by reference, and all answers previously given to Matt Sheffield’s tagging shall retroactively be deemed to have been also been given in response to Tom Brennan’s tagging.”

Now that that’s out of the way, I am now prepared to accept my punishment.
In my defense, I would remind my judges that Tom and I shared a book in the Books That Mean A Lot To Me category — Witness, by Whitaker Chambers. (Nothing like being on the right side where it comes to the wrong side.)
I hope at least that will be taken into account at sentencing. I understand and have been informed that Pay or Play is a serious charge locally, and I hereby state for the record that I am without 20 dollars Canadian.
Further your affiant saith not.