More hate crimes! And here’s the proof:


If that’s not hateful, I don’t know what is. And for a city like San Francisco to allow hate crime like the above to go on is shocking!
While it remains to be determined what actual crime was committed, the victims clearly were selected because of their race and/or nationality:

SAN FRANCISCO – An exhibit showing Chinese bodies and organs is drawing protests from Chinese-Americans who say the display of corpses is offensive to their culture.
Fiona Ma, a Chinese-American San Francisco supervisor, said Friday she is working with city attorneys to draft legislation that will keep exhibits like “The Universe Within” out of the city unless organizers can verify the consent of people who donated the bodies or their families.
“Chinese culture has very strong beliefs about death,” said Ma, who represents a heavily Chinese district. “Chinese people are very private and wouldn’t want to have their bodies displayed for commercial purposes.”
The “Universe Within” ? now on display in San Francisco ? is among a string of exhibits touring the country that have been wildly successful. The collection of bodies and organs was once used to instruct medical students in Beijing.
The corpses were preserved through “plastination,” which replaces body fluids with liquid plastic. The plastic is hardened, leaving tissues intact. The bodies can then be displayed without formaldehyde or glass containers.
A recent visit showed bodies propped up like department store mannequins, and individual organs displayed with veins and capillaries intact.
Francisco Hsieh, a retired Chinese-American who visited the exhibit, is advising his friends and family to stay away.
“Chinese people want to keep their whole body when they pass away and no one would want their bodies displayed,” he said. “I feel disgusted and terrible … some parts look like cuts of meat.”
Ma is asking the district attorney’s office to investigate the promoter, Gerhard Perner of Austria. The city’s Department of Public Health also is investigating.

Chinese corpses, of course, were selected deliberately by the plastinators. As I pointed out before, human remains for sale these days are of Chinese origin.
It is a hate crime if the perpetrator “intentionally selects a victim, or in the case of a property crime, the property that is the object of the crime, because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation of any person.” While I’ll leave it to better minds than my own whether a corpse could be considered a “person,” [or whether death is a form of, um, disability] a corpse is certainly property! And in the event that any crime is found to have been committed with that property, it’s certainly because of the race and national origin — for the simple reason that only China allows easy trafficking in human remains. It’s simple logic, really. If trafficking in live humans because of their race and national origin is hate crime, then so is trafficking in their remains.
All that needs to be shown is that some kind of crime occurred. In San Francisco, they’re looking into public health violations.
Archaeologists should think twice before digging! And so should purchasers of ethnic artifacts.
Illegal purchasers of Indian arrowheads beware!