Did Starfleet tender the low bid, or what?
Given that we’re talking about a lava refinery (or whatever) that is probably worth millions, you would think a smidgen of redundancy would be built into the system, right?
So we’re supposed to just accept that a single swipe with a light-saber through a single console will cause a massive girder array to hoot like a herd of wounded M?makil and trundle itself into the lava?
And naturally, the room containing such vital equipment is used to warehouse a gang of corrupt politicos. “What does this switch do, Nute?”
Have these people never heard of detents? Emergency power cutouts? FUSE BOXES?
Yeah, right.
Of course, the rot only went deeper with time. How else to acount for the loss of “Executor” at the Battle of Endor?
A single A-wing snubship hit the bridge and the entire ship was destroyed.
The ship was twelve point eight kilometers long and they couldn’t find room for an auxiliary bridge. Some design philosophy.
I guess we know where Leah Brahms ended up.