Via Jeff Jarvis, I see that Air America is not doing well in Washington DC’s talk radio ratings:

WRC, which turned to a liberal talk format in January by adding Al Franken and some of his “Air America” crew, was nowhere to be found. It captured less than 0.1 percent of the audience, too low to be counted.

Might desperation explain the gunshots on the air recently directed towards the president?
Now I see that Randi Rhodes has offered an apology (of sorts) to the Secret Service.
Considering the despair which low ratings can cause, I’d have advised her to say that this was all a big misunderstanding. The shots were intended to be a parody of Air America committing suicide.
Baghdad Bob would disagree, of course. (But he was never a champion of despair.)
MORE: Speaking of despair, what’s up with Mr. Kos? There’s nothing there about the big league astroturf war!

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I think they’re having the astroturf refurbished.