With all this snow, California’s balmy 65 degree Februarys are looking pretty good.
I have found that one of the least popular topics here on the East Coast is, well, hatred of the East Coast! Not that there aren’t many things to love about the East Coast, but when you’re transplanted from California and it snows, and you can’t go anywhere without bundling up and shoveling out your driveway (and forget about running!), well, California just looks pretty darned good. But for a variety of reasons, East Coasters don’t take kindly to Californians kvetching about the East Coast. (Not that I blame them; no one likes to hear their geographical and cultural surroundings put down, so I try to avoid doing that and besides, why whine and complain when you can just leave?)
Of course, as a sounding board I do have Puff, who was born and grew up in California. Right now I think he’s wondering whether his master is in full possession of his mental faculties. But he’s being patient.


Misery loves company — and Puff and I are both pretty good at commiseration.