Assorted NeoMcCarthyites are trying to turn the Gannon non-affair into a proper anti-gay witch hunt, and it’s getting downright comical. The worst aspect of this so-called scandal is that it’s caused one of my favorite commenters to speculate that I’m dishonest enough to be on the Republican payroll! (I better watch out; next they’ll audit my DNA to see whether any of it can be traced to Gannon…. My lips are sealed,er, zipped er, you know what I mean!)
Various theories have been proposed.
It’s been suggested that the White House needs a major background crackdown. (Presumably directed against evil homocons.)
On the other hand the affair has been called a big yawn, and even a nothinggate.
Meanwhile, Jeff Goldstein has been searching tirelessy for signs of hypocrisy. (Obviously, if the White House isn’t discriminating against the homos, they’re total hypocrites.)
It’s deadly serious, folks, and I still blame Deep Throat!
UPDATE: Ann Coulter is now defending gays against witch hunts! (Via Jeff Gannon.)
MORE: Tim Graham observes that softball questions at the White House are nothing new.