It’s party time! (Which party, you ask?)
The folks above are celebrating the introduction of a new bill called the Boxer Clinton “Count Every Vote Act of 2005.” You can read the full text here.
I’ve read enough to not especially like it. Among other things, the bill would:

  • Make Election Day an official holiday;
  • Require states to allow same day registration as well as early voting;
  • While the act trumpets “establishing voter identification,” it would do just the opposite, by prohibiting the requiring of driver’s licenses, social security numbers, or proof of citizenship. Here’s a portion of the text:
    In other words, states would be required take you at your word that you are who you say you are and that you’re a citizen.
  • There’s also provision for photo id cards to be created and issued based on “voter affidavits…”
  • States would be required to allow felons to vote.
  • There’s much more — and the language is replete with identity politics jargon.
    Sounds to me as if one of the sponsors is planning to run for president, and needs every vote she can get.
    Personally, I don’t like the idea of Election Day as a holiday, or of allowing anyone to run in at any time, early, late, whenever, without proof of anything. The whole thing reeks of sentimentalized corruption, political partisanship, and above all, dumbing down the vote.
    While I dislike followers (who tend to be the dumber elements of both parties) the Democrats seem particularly beholden to enshrining and catering to voter stupidity. I think this act is another attempt to make it easier for the smarter people to tell the dumber multitudes how to vote — along the lines of turning Election Day into a giant MSM, Make Every Vote Count, propaganda extravaganza.
    It might backfire, I guess. As John Leo (via InstaPundit) put it recently,

    We are seeing the bitterness of elites who wish to lead, confronted by multitudes who do not wish to follow.

    Might some of these elites be banking on those who do wish to follow?