If you missed Charlie Rose the other day you missed Reynolds, Sullivan, Trippi, and Wonkette. Here are one man’s impressions of the TV smash hit.
That man would be Dave at Logical Meme, who not so long ago rounded up a “Call For Papers” that had me in stitches.
It was a choice between laughter and wretched sobbing. Here are a few choice cuts from the tenderest part of the beast…

CFP: The Fetishists, Masochists, and Other Sexual Dissidents of Romanticism – Proposals are now being accepted for the thirteenth annual conference of the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism, “Deviance and Defiance,” to be held in Montreal, Canada, 13-17 August 2005. Special session: “The Fetishists, Masochists, and Other Sexual Dissidents of Romanticism”. Papers are solicited that would broaden the notion, beyond adultery and onanism, of what was considered transgressive sexual behavior: possibilities include doll fetishism, hypnoticism and s/m, incestuous pleasures, and cross-dressing erotic encounters. In this post-Sadean but pre-Masochian era, what would or would not have been counted as sexual perversion in the public, medical, or legal eye? How do matters of sexual unorthodoxy inform notions of privacy and personal subjectivity? In what contexts were private vices regarded as socially subversive?

Deviance and Defiance….

CFP: Dangerous Looks and Visual Pleasure: African American Writers and Filmmakers and The Gaze – This call for papers is for a proposal panel to be held at (dis)junctions: theory reloaded at the University of California Riverside?s 12th Annual Humanities Graduate Conference on April 8-9, 2005. The gaze, writes bell hooks, provides ?spaces of agency for Black people, wherein [they] can both interrogate the gaze of the Other but also look back, and at one another, naming what [they] see. The ?gaze? has been and is a site of resistance for colonized Black people globally.? This panel will seek to explore the diverse ways that the gaze has been depicted by African American writers and filmmakers. The dichotomy of voyeur and exhibitionist will be called into question, as well as the resulting power dynamics that these looking relations entail and cultivate…

That one was so good it’s worth another bite…

An analysis of gazes shared between women. Queer gazes, gazes in queer spaces. The gaze as a tool of racial coding. The ways in which racial passing or female asquerade complicate looking relations. Performativity of race, gender, and class and its relation to the gaze.

Moving on (but reluctantly!) we find this fulgurant gem…

CFP: Utopian Gender Space Special Session (2/15/05; SCMLA, 10/27/05-10/29/05) – It’s Always Greener: Utopian Gender Space – This session invites papers that explore the geography of gender in/equality and its socio-spatial implications, particularly in utopian literature.

“particularly in utopian literature…”
This transcends self-parody and scrapes the tender palate of raw genius.
Read as much as you can stand. Good luck!
I must away, posthaste. My eyes are bleeding.