Too Rad

I was talking with an old friend, just passing the time of day, and he asked me if I knew what had happened in the area around Chernobyl. “No.” I said, “But let me guess. It’s a lush, green, paradise for wildlife.” “Ahhh, you’ve heard about it before.” “Nope. Just a lucky guess.” But since […]

Corrupt Every Vote?

It’s party time! (Which party, you ask?) The folks above are celebrating the introduction of a new bill called the Boxer Clinton “Count Every Vote Act of 2005.” You can read the full text here. I’ve read enough to not especially like it. Among other things, the bill would: Make Election Day an official holiday; […]

Last snow of puppyhood?

The snow is coming down fast and furious; already there’s a four inch accumulation. The new puppy, Coco, likes the snow more than Puff does. She was taking flying leaps in the snow, but the digital camera’s delay feature makes them tough to catch. As you can see, it’s snowing hard enough that wet spots […]

New arrival

I am really tired, as I just got back from a long drive to southern Virginia to pick up the latest addition to the family. Her name is “Coco” (same as Puff’s grandmom), and she and Puff hit it off immediately. Here they are, meeting for the the first time: They slept together in the […]

Saturday “armature warrior” . . .

Finally I have finished the temporary repair of my car’s damned driver’s seat! The mechanism was damaged in the rear end collision and the seat was loose and sliding back and forth, without any way to adjust it or stop it from moving. I had tried wedging a propane tank behind the seat, but it […]

Fighting “The Time”

Ace Pryhill must be psychic. Because, when she linked to this post I don’t see how she could have known that what she’s worried about facing with Uno is what I’m worrying about right now with Puff. He’s 15 (very old for a large dog) has cancer, is disabled from advanced arthritis, and has outlived […]

Transparent stinging . . .

As most readers know, I have no rules here applying to comments, which I only delete if they are spam, or use too much foul or clearly abusive language. That does not mean that I have to read, much less answer, comments. You can say pretty much anything you want, and if you want you […]

Feral Peeves

Lord only knows that the English Language, in all its magisterial glory, can be a stone bitch to deal with, but I have completely lost sympathy with its too abundant victims. How many times in the last year have I seen someone “pouring” over difficult subject material? Too damn many. The root word is “pore”, […]

Quit being miserable and start complaining!

With all this snow, California’s balmy 65 degree Februarys are looking pretty good. I have found that one of the least popular topics here on the East Coast is, well, hatred of the East Coast! Not that there aren’t many things to love about the East Coast, but when you’re transplanted from California and it […]

Opening wide and yawning for more . . .

Assorted NeoMcCarthyites are trying to turn the Gannon non-affair into a proper anti-gay witch hunt, and it’s getting downright comical. The worst aspect of this so-called scandal is that it’s caused one of my favorite commenters to speculate that I’m dishonest enough to be on the Republican payroll! (I better watch out; next they’ll audit […]

I could have just gone!

On top of this irritating snowstorm, my car was hit — hard — today in a very irritating rear end collision. And there’s a utilitarian moral (hmmmm…..) to the story which I don’t especially like. After running a few errands in a local shopping center, I was on my way home approaching a fairly major […]

Call For Papers

If you missed Charlie Rose the other day you missed Reynolds, Sullivan, Trippi, and Wonkette. Here are one man’s impressions of the TV smash hit. That man would be Dave at Logical Meme, who not so long ago rounded up a “Call For Papers” that had me in stitches. It was a choice between laughter […]

Why We Loved It

John Weidner at Random Jottings has put up a new banner photograph, and it’s a beauty. I also like his new countertops. Soapstone, eh? That view from the Golden Gate bridge reminds me of all the good things San Francisco has to offer. Excepting Ken Layne and the thousands like him, expats from the area […]

Trying to Self-Correct

Big Chief Mouse in Hand says that he is too a real Indian. Those white devil reporters were speaking with…oh, never mind. Big War Bonnet tip to LGF.

Dog is great!

I found a canine version of the Ten Commandments, which I thought I’d share. The 10 Commandments 1. My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be very painful. 2. Give me time to understand what you want of me. 3. Place your trust in me-it is crucial […]

Authenticity is only for the authentic!

Well, I am certainly glad to see (via InstaPundit) that Ward Churchill has finally admitted he’s not Indian. He says it doesn’t matter: Churchill did address the issue of his ethnicity, admitting that he is not Native American. “Is he an Indian? Do we really care?” he said, quoting those he called his “white Republican” […]

Cheap shots can be expensive . . .

A primary reason I blog is to oppose people who want to run our lives for us. Liberal activists, the MSM, and some of the louder, shriller (do I hear “triumphant”?) religious conservatives I count as among those who want to run our lives. A principle difference between the MSM, though, and religious conservatives, is […]

127th Carnival

I’ve been busy all morning with no time for posting. But the 127th Carnival of the Vanities has now been posted by PunditGuy, who does an excellent job with many posts on a wide variety of subjects. So go read it!

Another crazed maverick dies

“You ever meet Christians? You wish you could shove a pipe in their mouth. Anything to shut them up.” — Dr. Gene Scott I just learned that my favorite eccentric televangelist has died: LOS ANGELES (AP) – Gene Scott, the shaggy-haired, cigar-smoking televangelist whose eccentric religious broadcasts were beamed around the world, has died, a […]

We report, you dissect?

Ever since I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when it was published in excerpts in Rolling Stone magazine, I’ve always enoyed Hunter S. Thompson’s stuff. I was sorry to see him go, and I especially wish he hadn’t shot himself, because already his death is being spun as another indictment of evil guns. […]