E at the Dave, responding to one of the single most offensive pieces of post-9-11 relativist drivel I’ve seen, gives “cultural studies” darling Terry Eagleton a dose of righteous indignation that’s worth reading.
Notice that Eagleton starts right in with “insurgents.” At my favorite blog the Bleat, James Lileks shows us the term “terrorist” in use in 1937, long before Reuters *ahem* altered the discourse, adding this:

It?s almost jarring to see the word ?TERRORIST? in 1937, since we think that belongs to the post 1972-Olympics world, perhaps. And it?s enlightening to read about violence and bloodshed and the usual cycle o? violence instigated, in this example, by the publication of a commission?s recommendation to partition the area.
No doubt they were reacting to the future occupation of the West Bank.