I’ve been so busy that I failed to see until today that Glenn Reynolds linked Justin’s excellent post on aging and life extension. I’m so glad, because his writing is great, and like most writers he needs encouragement. (And a computer.) And I’ll remind my readers of what I’ve said before: that were it not for Justin I would never have started blogging! I can’t praise him highly enough. Thanks again Glenn, and congratulations, Justin.
I worked all day and haven’t had time to check in until now, but I did take a photo of the sunset today:


That’s the view from my bedroom. Something of which I never tire, and which eludes me on the East Coast. (Even if I do have faster Internet there.)
Justin seems to be on quite a roll, which suits me just fine, because I am swamped. There isn’t enough time in the day.
Roll on Justin!
UPDATE: As most of you know, the sun also rises:

Now, if I could I just figure out how to get it to rise in the same place it sets….