I just returned from a funeral of a lifelong friend who died suddenly on Christmas Eve. A hell of a time to die, especially for such a good man, who happened to be a devoutly religious man. I’ve been to a lot of funerals, but the suffering of this man’s family was very painful to see. I couldn’t help think how much easier it would have been for them had he died in November. Or June. I’m not religious in the churchgoing sense, but it strikes me that religious considerations shouldn’t be adding to the family’s burden, and that they were. People look for meaning, for reasons, for explanations, and it only adds to the pain and confusion when death strikes at a seemingly “bad” time. If an aorta is going to explode, when it explodes has nothing to do with what day of the month it is.
Obviously, it isn’t my place to offer the family such thoughts, which might only be misinterpreted and cause even greater pain. My prayers are with the family, and they would be regardless of the season.
We’ll all be there. I took advantage of the drive to visit my mom’s grave (and my future one, although I don’t know the date of the move)….
MORE: The important thing is to enjoy life as much as you can while you have it, and pray for (and help) those you love while they’re living.