Blogging is subject to my limited time right now, but there’s one important event today which I hope everyone keeps in mind, and that is the Ukrainian election. Yushchenko (his face scarred by an attempt to kill him by poison) is favored to win, and I’m hoping the Ukrainian people hand him a decisive victory this time — not just to reject Russian hegemony but to protest the kind of political machinations which many thought had died with Stalinism. I think it’s fair to call attempted assassination by poison political terrorism — and the allies of the KGB deserve to lose this election resoundingly.
In the spirit of victory, here are some photos I found at Yahoo.
“Santas” in a show of solidarity for Yushchenko (after all, it’s the day after Christmas):
Here’s candidate Yushchenko at the polls:
Yushchenko’s supporters have been living in tents like these for the past five weeks:
And finally, a child raises an orange balloon of hope:
UPDATE: As of 21:30 GMT, Yushchenko appears to be winning big. Glenn Reynolds thinks Putin miscalculated.
Yeah; Stalinist tactics don’t work too well if people have the vote.
UPDATE (12/27/04): It’s now official that Yushchenko won, although he’s contesting the results. For some reason, a lot of leftists seem to be yawning. (Via InstaPundit.)