(Yes, this is the sorriest post I have ever written. Shame on me.)
Possibly it’s because holidays are coming, but I seem to be running out of either steam or gas right now, and I hope it’s temporary. (Haven’t done today’s running yet, and looking out the window at cold wetness does not inspire…)
Considering the importance of RatherGate, though, I thought a largely ceremonial observation would be in order.
Lately, I have taken to watching Rather out of morbid curiosity, and last night I did not know he was to announce his resignation until the moment of, er, truth arrived. This is probably my bleeding-heart liberalism showing, but I have to say that I detected in that rather stiff man’s voice a distinct breaking, a cracking. Barely detectable as it was, I really think he was as close to crying as it’s possible for so public a man to get.
I hesitate to pen a thought such as this, but with the tears of the dead streaming outside, I feel I must confess: I felt sorry for Dan Rather! (Ouch! No, really.)
However, unlike the denizens of this sorry site, I am sorry that I am sorry!
UPDATE: Trying to atone with rather poor Photoshopping:
Sorry again, folks.