This morning I broke with my usual routine after an email from Sean Kinsell invited me to join him and fellow blogger Tom Brennan in Philadelphia.
What a treat! Tom is one of the great ones, whose writing skills I have long admired — but from afar. I’m rather shy, and this is only the second time I’ve actually met a real blogger. As it turned out, none of us had met other bloggers before. (Well, I once attended a lecture delivered by a rock star-type blogger, but that’s a little different.)
Tom led us to an Indian restaurant so good (and so reasonably priced) that it deserves a plug, so if you’re ever in Philadelphia, by all means try Samosa Indian Vegetarian Restaurant.
After we ate and were getting ready to leave, I realized that if I didn’t have a group shot of this occasion I’d be kicking myself for days. My camera has a timer setting, and as I was trying to balance the thing precariously on a railing so I could set it off and then jump into the picture, a nearby customer took pity on me, and here’s the result:


Yeah, the layout, focus, and lighting need work, and there should be something in that niche on the wall, but the spirit is there, and I am not about to Photoshop tasteful wall decorations into an informal luncheon snapshot.
Sean had a gift for Tom; some beautifully packaged green tea from Japan. I made Tom and Sean slow down the tea presentation ceremony while I whipped out my camera (despite protestations that it might look like a drug deal was in progress).

(So far as I know, green tea is still legal in every state.)
After that Tom had to go back to work, while Sean spent a little time sightseeing before continuing his travels.
UPDATE: Many thanks to Glenn Reynolds for kindly linking to this post — especially for recognizing the need for limits.
But now I’m thinking about the wall decorations at Jessica’s Well, and I’m wondering…. Maybe she got the picture right. (You know, parallel universes and all that.)
Welcome all InstaPundit readers!
UPDATE: A missing wall decoration has been found:

It’s, um, tasteful (if not tofurkey).
MORE: In a post called “Where Is the Outrage” AgendaBender offers grim warnings about the future of the Gay Industrialized World. And something about a problem with painful spikes! (Heads will roll….)
And they’re closing in on poor Sean, who’s beginning to discover what he was missing in Japan!