Dennis hit the nail on the head with that last post about the damnable toll-takers’ strike. Today’s Inquirer featured a gruesome addition:

As Black Friday shoppers crammed into the King of Prussia mall, a pro-union Santa stood vigil with striking Pennsylvania Turnpike toll collectors nearby on day three of their first-ever strike.
At 380 pounds, the bearded, 60-year-old retiree and friend of striking workers was the picture of Santa, albeit with a Teamsters shirt beneath his red coat and a picket sign shoved under his wide black belt.
“My deer will not cross a picket line,” Drexel Hill resident Tom Anthony warned as he waved to motorists at the Valley Forge interchange. “It will be a sad Christmas if Santa cannot come to the Northeast.”
Motorists will first have to get through tomorrow, when the Turnpike Commission will use managers and temporary workers to collect $2 for cars journeying home from Thanksgiving celebrations and $15 for commercial freight. The commission decided against waiving tolls all day tomorrow, one of the busiest days of the year.

The problem with this strike is twofold:

  • 1. No one wants these damned tolls in the first place. To sit in line for twenty minutes just to fork over $2.00 which goes not to the roads but into general revenue, is so artificial as to be medieval. Hell, as Dennis made clear, the Romans wouldn’t have tolerated it.
  • 2. Adding insult to injury, human beings are paid $18.69 an hour to do something which could be done much more easily by machines.
  • It’s a disgrace all the way around, and the public is more than unsympathetic. Truly, the world would be a better place without tolls or toll takers.
    Notice that the best they can come up with is support from imaginary animals — Santa’s reindeer!
    Ungrateful ungulates! How dare they approve of harrassing the Christmas shoppers!