What an odd coincidence!
I was just discussing fashion with Sean Kinsell, (in comments to an earlier post), then nearly fainted when I saw this:


Not only does Moore have a new look, he’s got new lines to go with his new garb:

Moore appeared on stage wearing a suit and tie, no beard or hat and a trim haircut.
When asked by Jay Leno about his appearance, Moore quipped, “I thought I should look a little sharper for my IRS audit” and “If you can’t beat them, you might as well look like them.”
Moore told Leno that there was a reason President Bush was re-elected November 2, “He got more votes.”
“The Republicans – I’ll give them this – they had a story to tell,” Moore continued. “The Democrats, often times, aren’t very good at telling a story. And the [Bush] story was: Out of the ashes of Sept. 11 rose one man. And he stood on the rubble of lower Manhattan with a bullhorn and he said, ‘I will protect you.’ ”
Moore had some advice for Democrats who were unhappy with the results of the 2004 presidential election. “[Bush’s victory] was just a couple of percentage points,” Moore told the “Tonight Show” audience. “People who voted for Kerry shouldn’t be depressed at this point. They should pick themselves up . . . There’s another game in four years. And we’ll come back and do the best we can.”

What the hell is going on here? I mean, I tried a new makeover for Moore before (and Justin said he never looked better; hmmm . . . . ) but I never thought I’d see this.
You’d almost think there was an election or something.
UPDATE (BUT AN EXPLANATION IS NOT AN EXCUSE): I guess one good picture deserves another.
(Via Glenn Reynolds.)