Be sure to check out the 114th Carnival of the Vanities, hosted by the very fine blog, Interested-Participant.
Excellent posts all, and I so love Sean Gleeson’s Autorantic Virtual Moonbat that I decided to install it here.
Speaking of moonbats, read John Ray’s post about a mean law professor with zero sense of humor. (And, as I have noted before, this same professor refuses to discipline students who commit plagiarism.)
More nonsense from academia is spotted by Brian J. Noggle, who blows the whistle on a power grab by librarians seeking criminal sanctions for overdue books!
But, as the Gleeful Extremist shows, there’s much dishonesty in education, especially when blue staters tweak the stats.
Enough education about the Carnival.
Please go read the rest of the posts!
In the spirit of the season, I should add that Darleen has an especially good one about Thanksgiving.