In an exclusive, Drudge reports ABC’s possession of an al Qaeda announcement that something HUGE is in store — a terror attack here in the United States in retaliation for the election of George W. Bush:

In the last week before the election, ABCNEWS is holding a videotaped message from a purported al Qaeda terrorist warning of a new attack on America, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
The terrorist claims on tape the next attack will dwarf 9/11. “The streets will run with blood,” and “America will mourn in silence” because they will be unable to count the number of the dead. Further claims: America has brought this on itself for electing George Bush who has made war on Islam by destroying the Taliban and making war on Al Qaeda.
ABCNEWS strongly denies holding the tape back from broadcast over political concerns during the last days of the election.
The CIA is analyzing the tape, a top federal source tells the DRUDGE REPORT.
ABCNEWS obtained the tape from a source in Waziristan, Pakistan over the weekend, sources tells DRUDGE.
“We have been working 24 hours a day trying to authenticate [the tape],” a senior ABCNEWS source said Wednesday morning.
The terrorist’s face is concealed by a head dress, and he speaks in an American accent, making it difficult to identify the individual.
US intelligence officials believe the man on tape may be Adam Gadhan – aka Adam Pearlman, a California native who was highlighted by the FBI in May as an individual most likely to be involved in or have knowledge of the next al Qaeda attacks.
According to the FBI, Gadahn, 25, attended al-Qaida training camps and served as an al-Qaida translator.
The disturbing tape runs an hour — the man simply identifies himself as ‘Assam the American.’

That’s all there is right now. Whether the tape is authentic or not, it’s clearly an attempt to influence the election by terrorism.
UPDATE: According to this report, the CIA is unable to authenticate the tape:

….the senior intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told NBC News that ?we can?t authenticate? the tape, a copy of which ABC gave the CIA on Monday. He would not elaborate, adding, ?I think that is where we are going to stand.?
U.S. officials told NBC News that the tape included now-standard militant Islamist rhetoric promising widespread destruction inside the United States. The man cannot be identified, the officials said, because his face is covered by a headdress.
The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, described analysts? concern as ?low? because it was not clear that the tape was recorded recently and because the man on the tape, who spoke in what appeared to be an American accent, mentioned no details.
?It?s unclear what this tape is ? even whether the person on the tape is an American,? one of the officials said.

UPDATE (10/28/04): The tape has been authenticated.